Aarohi collects evidence against Tara in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Aarohi and Tara come face to face. Aarohi was collecting evidence against Tara. Tara learns Aarohi has made a video to prove her existence. Tara shows her madness. She gets a knife to stab Aarohi. Aarohi fights with her. Aarohi’s brother tries to save her and gets hurt. Tara doesn’t want to leave Aarohi alive. Aarohi and her brother hurriedly leave from the spot. Aarohi takes him to the hospital. She feels guilty.

Bhabhi tells her that Tara is responsible for everything. She asks Aarohi does she have the videos. Aarohi tells her that she has called Lakshya. Bhabhi asks her to keep evidence safe. Lakshya reaches the hospital. Aarohi gives him the pendrive, which has the video of her innocence. She tells him that he can see Tara and realize that Tara has done all the crimes. She says Tara and I are clearly seen in the video, it will prove Tara’s crimes. Deep comes to meet Aarohi. He consoles her. He learns about the evidence against Tara. Aarohi feels the threat on her family because of Tara’s madness. She asks her brother and Bhabhi to use codes to identify her. She doesn’t want them to land in trouble by any confusion. Deep gets worried for Tara. Tara meets Deep and gives him an ultimatum. She asks Deep to save her by covering up her crime once again. Lakshya decides to trust Aarohi and find out Tara’s mystery. What will Deep do next? Keep reading.


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