Harman wrestles to vent out anger in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman and Harak have a wrestling match. Harak tells Harman that he will teach him some tips. He knows Harman wants to vent out frustration on him. He tells Harman that his experience is double of him, even then Harman can try his skills on him. Harman catches hold of Harak’s neck. Soumya asks Harman to leave Harak. Even Varun and Balwinder try to free Harak from Harman. They ask Harman to leave Harak at once. Preeto loses her cool and slaps Harman, asking him to leave Harak. Harman angrily leaves Harak and tells everyone that Mohini is pregnant with Harak’s child. The family gets a huge shock.

Harman throws Harak away and beats him up. Soumya and Preeto ask him not to hurt Harak. They see Harman’s anger. Preeto can’t see Harman doing such a mistake to beat his dad. Harman tells her that his anger is justified, Harak has done a big mistake by making a relation with Mohini, do they want to hear Harak’s deeds. He asks them to check the reports if they don’t believe him. The news break Preeto’s heart. Harman gets angry knowing Harak cheated Preeto. Harak too gets surprised by the news.The father-son action upsets everyone. Surbhi shows the medical report to Soumya and tells everyone that Harman is saying true. Harak loses in the wrestling match.


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