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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan gets to know Ahana’s truth. He thinks Ahana took revenge from him and made him out of the house. The truth becomes a burden on his heart. Shelly tells him that Laila wanted to become Anant’s wife and made many plans. She says Laila was very eager to marry Anant and showed her interests as well, but Ahana has hidden her planning from Laila till Anant broke the news to Laila himself. She tells him that Ahana is cheating Anant. Rehaan also feels Anant has fallen for Ahana’s beauty. Ahana and Ahana spend some romantic moments on their honeymoon. Ahana expects him to make every moment special. It goes well in the beginning. Anant tells his boring plans to Ahana, while she wants the trip to get adventurous.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Everyone pays for Pihu’s return. Ishita finds a clue in the video. She asks Raman and Mani to find Pihu. Shagun promises Ishita that they will get Pihu safely. Most of the family members leave for tracking Pihu. The police tracks the kidnappers’ phone and informs Raman about the location. Raman informs Shagun about the change of location. He asks her not to get distracted by the kidnapper. Ishita gets another video from the kidnapper. She realizes Pihu is caught up in Raman’s factory. She gets threatened to keep the message hidden. Ishita cleverly leaves a message for Raman. Simmi gets her note and burns it, wishing Ishita and Raman lose Pihu forever, as she has lost Ananya.


    Avni tries hard to save Mishti from Vidyut. His car breaks down. Juhi takes advantage of the situation. She sees Mishti with Vidyut. Vidyut takes away Mishti. Avni tries to find Mishti. She fails to contact Neil. Juhi follows Mishti, when she runs away from Vidyut’s clutches. Juhi kidnaps Mishti to use her against Neil and Avni. Neil and Neela try to trace Vidyut and Juhi. Neil receives Vidyut’s location. They reach the jungle area and look for him. Vidyut plays hide and seek with Avni. Juhi gets away with Mishti. Mishti recalls Avni’s teachings to leave clues to get traced by Avni.


    Tej insults Shivay and Anika by doubting on their intentions. He asks them to show the bags’ contents and prove that they are not taking away any assets. He demands Anika to remove her jewelry, and return it to them. Dadi doesn’t want Anika to obey Tej. Anika tells Dadi that Shivay is her real adornment. Shivay returns the jewelry to Jhanvi. Shivay meets his parents before leaving. Rudra threatens to kill himself if Shivay steps out of the house. Shivay and everyone ask him to put down the gun and not do any stupidity. Rudra asks Shivay to change his decision. Anika asks Shivay not to be adamant, they can convince Rudra. Shivay takes the gun from Rudra and shoots all the bullets to empty the gun. He turns angry on Rudra’s madness. He slaps Rudra to give him some sense.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa shares Anami’s sorrow. She consoles her and feeds her food so that they don’t fall weak in their fight. Narottam asks Sudha where did she hide Lakshya. She denies to have any involvement in Lakshya’s case. She asks him why is he so concerned for Lakshya. He tells her that he can’t see Anami worried. She gets angry on him. She asks him not to make new relations and focus on revenge. He tells her that if Lakshya gets harmed by her, he will tell her entire planning to everyone. His threatening makes her worried. Satrupa finds Anami too stressed. She comforts her sleep. She gets content with bit of Anami’s love.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

    Uma plans to impress Kanak. They have a sweet moment. Kanak doesn’t want to get away from Uma. She takes care of Maasa. She challenges Maasi to do anything, but she will always protect Uma. She doesn’t want Maasi to take away Uma’s property. She knows Maasi is a wrong person. Maasi tells Kanak that she will soon show her what she can do. She threatens her elder sister about Uma and Kanak’s life. Meanwhile, Vansh doesn’t know Sarah is Saras. He tells Sarah that he will get free from Saras in few days and then he will be marrying her. He thinks of his wife and turns upset. Sarah asks him to get Saras’ bridal dress and burn it, to prove that he really loves her.

    Meri Durga:

    Rajveer saves Durga in time. Gayatri tries to trap Durga in her own plan. She doesn’t want Durga to use her weakness. She gets angry when Durga threatens her about the past. Gayatri gives wrong training to Durga to risk her fitness and break her down. Rajveer explains Durga that she has to be fit to run in the race. Gayatri wants to ruin her career. Rajveer fills courage in Durga. Gayatri learns about Sanjay and Durga’s on going challenge. She asks Sanjay to save her business by joining hands with Aarti’s dad. Sanjay assures her that their good time will return very soon. He wants to give more tension to Durga by attacking on her weakness. Sanjay targets her family.

    Gayatri hopes Durga’s health will not support her. She finds Durga strong and thinks how could Durga manage herself in such a state. Sanjay gets friendly with Aarti again. Aarti’s dad tests him by asking him to ruin Durga’s family. Sanjay finds it a golden opportunity as he also wants to take revenge from Yashpal. He assures Aarti that he hates Durga and married her just to take revenge for his parents’ insult. He decides to demolish Durga’s house. Aarti’s dad plans to get Sanjay and Aarti married, once Sanjay’s divorce happens. Sanjay tries to trouble Durga, but she instead puts him in a fix. Sanjay wants to see her reaction when she learns about the shocking trouble.


    Suwarna gets hurt by Dadi’s decision. She decides to leave Manish’s room. Manish pampers Aryan to make him happy. Aryan tells him that he is really happy to spend time with him. He gets the love from entire family. Aryan feels his fate has changed, when he gets VIP treatment in Manish’s office. Manish makes sure Aryan doesn’t feel out of place. Kartik and Naira try to manage Suwarna’s problem before it goes out of hands. They have a moment to lessen stress. Naksh and Kirti try to know about Suwarna. Kirti fears for Suwarna’s well being. Naksh tells her that he will take her to Goenka house to check on the family. Kartik doesn’t want Suwarna to leave her rights and happiness. He asks her not to sacrifice her happiness again. Suwarna doesn’t want the house to get divided. She asks Kartik to regard her wrong and withdraw support. Kartik assures her that he will get everyone on her side soon.


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