Narottam gets a spark to oppose Sudha in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami gets weeping in Lakshya’s memory. She thinks of the troubles he is facing at the kidnappers’ den. Her worries get increasing. Anami falls asleep while resting in Satrupa’s lap and calls her Maa. Satrupa gets much delighted on hearing Maa from Anami. She vows to get Lakshya back. She gets updates from her trustworthy servant.

Narottam suspects Sudha to be involved in Lakshya’s kidnapping. He warns her against stopping her evil doings, else he will himself expose her truth. Sudha thinks Narottam is forgetting his revenge motives. She angrily contacts Purushottam and asks him to kill Anami. Purushottam calls up Anami on the secret phone provided by him. He calls her at some place to pay for Lakshya. Anami takes a disguise and leaves from Lal Mahal to save Lakshya. Meanwhile, Satrupa gets informed that Purushottam got caught. She reaches Purushottam and rescues Lakshya, on seeing her caught up in danger. She doesn’t punish Purushottam and instead tries bribing him to get him on her side. She pays him money and asks him to work for her. Purushottam gets loyal to Sudha and refuses Satrupa.


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