Piyaa Albela: Surbhi to frame Pooja


Harsha calls the pandit to do a puja for Pooja’s recovery. Neelima and Surbhi lie to Pooja that Harsha is trying to send her away from Nare and family, she has called pandit to take her away. Pooja gets tensed and tells everyone that she will not go. Pooja refuses to go with Harsha. She resists, while Harsha falls down the stairs. The family worries for Harsha. Supriya scolds Pooja for pushing Harsha down the stairs. Pooja tells them that they didn’t push Harsha. Surbhi blames Pooja for beating her. Surbhi hurts herself and cries. Rahul tells Naren that Pooja has hurt Surbhi. Naren asks Rahul to stay away from Pooja. Neelima does aid to Surbhi. Pooja tells them Surbhi is lying. She angrily goes to beat Surbhi.

Naren stops Pooja and scolds her, asking her to go to her room. Pooja loves Harsha, but Neelima has manipulated her. Pooja feels bad that Harsha got hurt. Naren and Supriya think they are losing control over Pooja. They don’t succeed in handling her well. Harsha was hoping that Pooja will get her memory back.

She wants Pooja to get fine, while the negative people in the house instigate Pooja against the well wishers. Harsha gets disappointed with Pooja. Pooja tells Naren that she will not tolerate if anyone blames her for no reason. She doesn’t want to go to the room. She tells Naren that she wants to go to Harsha and apply ointment to her wound. The family doesn’t allow Pooja to meet Harsha. Harsha tells them that Pooja is mentally a child, so she is not angry on her. Harsha forgives Pooja. She asks the family to forgive Pooja as well.


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