Sudha plans to blackmail Satrupa in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa shares Anami’s sorrow. She consoles her and feeds her food so that they don’t fall weak in their fight. Narottam asks Sudha where did she hide Lakshya. She denies to have any involvement in Lakshya’s case. She asks him why is he so concerned for Lakshya. He tells her that he can’t see Anami worried. She gets angry on him. She asks him not to make new relations and focus on revenge. He tells her that if Lakshya gets harmed by her, he will tell her entire planning to everyone. His threatening makes her worried. Satrupa finds Anami too stressed. She comforts her sleep. She gets content with bit of Anami’s love.

Satrupa gets informed about Purushottam. She leaves from Lal Mahal to reach him and find out Lakshya. She wants to keep her promise to Anami. Adhiraj also gets help from his informers and gets Purushottam’s location. Anami lies to Poonam about the mystery caller. She thinks of hiding the truth from Adhiraj so that Lakshya’s life doesn’t fall in risk. Satrupa tries to reach Purushottam, unaware that Sudha is also with him.


Sudha tells Purushottam that Lal Mahal members didn’t give their name to Narottam. She wants to erase their names and identities. She asks him to kill Anami. He tells her that Satrupa is getting close to Anami, which isn’t good. She tells him that Anami has few days of her life left now. She is sure that Satrupa can’t do anything. She wants to kidnap Anami and compel Satrupa to sign on the property papers to name everything to Narottam. She wants to sacrifice Anami like Vatsalya. They get hopeful that they will be succeeding this time. Anami learns Sudha’s brother has kidnapped Lakshya.


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