Ahana plans a romantic surprise in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan wants to expose Ahana at any cost. Anant and Ahana have a great time on their honeymoon. Tarun and Saloni learn about her medical state. Tarun worries as the treatment is costly. He promises Saloni that he will manage everything. Gupta tries to get Tarun back in his company. He wants to make Tarun leave Anant’s company. Saloni worries thinking they won’t be able to manage the treatment. She suggests they should sell off her jewelry. Tarun doesn’t want to fall in his own eyes. He asks her to have patience, he will manage the treatment costs. Ahana thinks of Laila’s warnings. She thinks Anant will never disappoint her, as Laila predicted. Ahana tries to impress Anant. She sings a romantic song for him. Anant gets emotional seeing her immense love.

Ahana tells Anant that he means a lot to her. Anant feels lucky to get her in life. Roshni meets a friend in her college. The family worries for her. Yamini learns Roshni has gone out with friends. Roshni apologizes to her. She tells Yamini that she will never go without informing them. Yamini wants to do her duties and not upset Anant. Yamini hears Aarav telling about Roshni’s new friend. She gets worried that Roshni can make wrong choices.

Ahana enjoys the rains, while Anant decides to avoid it. She insists him to come in the rains and enjoy. Ahana tries spicing up their marriage. Ahana and Anant share their happiness. Anant praises her all the time. She thinks nothing can go wrong between them. She plans to surprise Anant, and gets upset when he doesn’t give her ample time. She feels lonely and thinks of Laila, who warned her about her relation suffering because of their age difference. Ahana denies to accept the bitter prediction.


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