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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Purushottam calls Anami and asks her to come on his specified place to take Lakshya. He keeps an eye on her by the bug placed in her room. Anami begs him not to do anything to Lakshya. Adhiraj calls Anami and tells her that he suspects Purushottam to be involved in Lakshya’s kidnapping, which means Sudha is also related to this. Anami gets a huge shock knowing Sudha took her revenge this way. Dadi gets to see Anami’s secret phone. Anami doesn’t tell her anything. Anami hides from everyone and leaves from Lal Mahal to find Lakshya. Satrupa talks to Anami and doesn’t tell her that she has got to know about Lakshya. She doesn’t risk Lakshya’s life. She goes to meet Purushottam.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan wants to expose Ahana at any cost. Anant and Ahana have a great time on their honeymoon. Tarun and Saloni learn about her medical state. Tarun worries as the treatment is costly. He promises Saloni that he will manage everything. Gupta tries to get Tarun back in his company. He wants to make Tarun leave Anant’s company. Saloni worries thinking they won’t be able to manage the treatment. She suggests they should sell off her jewelry. Tarun doesn’t want to fall in his own eyes. He asks her to have patience, he will manage the treatment costs. Ahana thinks of Laila’s warnings. She thinks Anant will never disappoint her, as Laila predicted. Ahana tries to impress Anant. She sings a romantic song for him. Anant gets emotional seeing her immense love.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay joins hands with Aarti’s dad and plans to make Durga’s family homeless. On the other hand, Gayatri troubles Durga by reminding her house duties as a bahu. Durga willingly agrees to do anything as Gayatri tells her. She then realizes Gayatri is just breaking her courage and determination. Gayatri stops Durga from having a good diet. Durga smartly passes Gayatri’s challenge. She makes the halwa for prasad, before the pandits arrive. Gayatri gets angered with her. Sanjay settles scores with Yashpal. He tells Yashpal and his family about the government order.

    Yashpal gets his anger out on Sanjay. He doesn’t believe any legal documents. He asks Sanjay to not scare them, as he doesn’t believe him. He burns the documents, and asks Sanjay to do anything he wants. Sanjay stays adamant to hurt Durga’s family. Durga crosses all hurdles posed by Gayatri and Anjana. Sanjay calls the government officials and turns Yashpal panicking. The officials ask Yashpal to vacate the house. Yashpal asks them not to dare ruin his house. He thinks Sanjay has taken the matter much far. He fears for Durga. Durga learns Sanjay has targeted her parents.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The kidnapper uses Pihu to catch Ishita. The families worry knowing Ishita has gone out alone. Shagun tells Iyers that Ishita didn’t reach them. Ishita looks out for Pihu. She finally gets to see Pihu, but falls in a big trap. The watchman tells the family that Ishita has gone to some industry godown. Shagun feels they should check for Ishita there. Mani hurries to find Ishita. Raman’s search for Pihu goes on. Kidnapper cheats Raman at every phase. Raman gets fed up by the dirty game. He worries for Pihu.


    Kartik and Naira take care of Suwarna. She gets a hope on seeing Aryan, who just showers his hatred on her. Suwarna gets more hurt by hearing his annoyance. Naksh and Kirti witness her pain. Naira requests Kirti to explain Manish. Manish worries for the new project, which Kartik is leading. He wants Kartik to focus on work, than running after Suwarna’s problems. He gets worried that Suwarna can get more loss for them. Naksh and Kirti try to explain him about Suwarna’s sacrifice. Manish doesn’t like hearing anything from them. He asks them not to give him any advice, as he knows what to do. Naira and Kartik see Manish’s anger. Naira gets an idea to test Manish’s love. She uses reverse psychology and asks Manish to send Suwarna away. She gives her consent to his decision.


    Ali tells DD that Avni has made a backup plan to save Mishti. DD wishes Avni doesn’t need to run away with Mishti. Vidyut thinks its the right time to end the game. He calls Juhi at the helipad so that he can kill her and frame Avni in the murder blame. Avni threatens of killing Juhi and asks her to give away Mishti. Vidyut shoots down Juhi. Neil and Neela get a huge shock and feel Avni has shot Juhi. Vidyut manages to escape on seeing Neil there. Juhi gets shot and falls down the cliff, holding Mishti in her arms. Avni shouts for Mishti. Neil feels Avni has killed Juhi and also Mishti.


    Anika demands Shivay to reveal her the reason behind his big step. He doesn’t tell her anything. She gives him time to tell everything on his own. Shwetlana realizes Shivay is trying to find the mill incident. She thinks to use his plan on him. She understands he is protecting his family by staying away. She thinks to create troubles for him, so that his attention gets divided. Shivay and Anika stop at a dhaba and meet some school kids. The kids bond with Anika and find her cute. Shivay helps the kids. Shivika get some happy moments with the kids. They forget their tension. Anika tells him that she has got much happiness in those small moments. Anika and Shivay bid bye to the kids.


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