Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Satrupa attempts to break Sudha-Purushottam’s unity


Purushottam calls Anami and asks her to come on his specified place to take Lakshya. He keeps an eye on her by the bug placed in her room. Anami begs him not to do anything to Lakshya. Adhiraj calls Anami and tells her that he suspects Purushottam to be involved in Lakshya’s kidnapping, which means Sudha is also related to this. Anami gets a huge shock knowing Sudha took her revenge this way. Dadi gets to see Anami’s secret phone. Anami doesn’t tell her anything. Anami hides from everyone and leaves from Lal Mahal to find Lakshya. Satrupa talks to Anami and doesn’t tell her that she has got to know about Lakshya. She doesn’t risk Lakshya’s life. She goes to meet Purushottam.

Satrupa reaches Purushottam. Her men catch hold of Purushottam. He hides Lakshya away. Adhiraj follows Satrupa to Purushottam’s hideout. He learns about Satrupa’s plans. Satrupa and Purushottam begin their argument. Purushottam doesn’t get scared of him. Anami too tries to reach Purushottam. She hides from Adhiraj as well. Dadi doubts Anami is upto something. She thinks of informing Adhiraj.

Satrupa tries to strike a deal with Purushottam. She gives him a tempting offer in exchange of Lakshya. She doesn’t kill Purushottam, since he can be beneficial for her. She asks him to work for her. He asks her does she not want to save Lakshya. She asks him not to use his small mind in understanding her motives, she will get Lakshya any way. She threatens him. Purushottam tells her that death is approaching Lakshya and she can’t save him. She doesn’t deter from her words. She asks him not to dare touch Lakshya. She then provokes him against Sudha. He doesn’t like to cheat his sister. She tries hard to instigate him against Sudha. She asks him to get his property share by working for her. Purushottam doesn’t listen to her and tries to kill Anami. Satrupa doesn’t stop her adamancy and keeps finding Lakshya. She succeeds to save both Anami and Lakshya.


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