Shivika to face a hijacking twist in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Anika demands Shivay to reveal her the reason behind his big step. He doesn’t tell her anything. She gives him time to tell everything on his own. Shwetlana realizes Shivay is trying to find the mill incident. She thinks to use his plan on him. She understands he is protecting his family by staying away. She thinks to create troubles for him, so that his attention gets divided. Shivay and Anika stop at a dhaba and meet some school kids. The kids bond with Anika and find her cute. Shivay helps the kids. Shivika get some happy moments with the kids. They forget their tension. Anika tells him that she has got much happiness in those small moments. Anika and Shivay bid bye to the kids. They find the kids upset and feel something is wrong with them. The kids try to seek their help.

Shivay doubts someone is posing a threat to the kids. The bus gets hijacked. Shivay and Anika try to find the matter. They board the bus to check on the kids. They realize the kids are held hostage. Shivay decides to save the innocent kids. The kidnappers have their demands from the school.

Anika takes care of the kids. Shivay gets thrown out of the bus. He tries to follow the bus and reach Anika, who is also held hostage by the bad doers. Shivay and Anika bravely face the goons. Shivay turns into a savior for the kids.

Rudra breaks down and misses Shivay. Gauri consoles him. She asks him to look after Dadi. Dadi prays for Shivay and Anika’s well being. Gauri doesn’t want to disappoint Shivay and Anika, who gave her the big responsibility of the family. She asks Rudra to turn strong and manage the family in Omkara’s absence. Rudra doesn’t want to grow up, thinking Shivay will come back to look after him,. He tells her that Shivay has raised him as his father. He loses all his strength and feels lonely.


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