Vidyut kills Juhi; Mishti goes missing in Naamkarann


Ali tells DD that Avni has made a backup plan to save Mishti. DD wishes Avni doesn’t need to run away with Mishti. Vidyut thinks its the right time to end the game. He calls Juhi at the helipad so that he can kill her and frame Avni in the murder blame. Avni threatens of killing Juhi and asks her to give away Mishti. Vidyut shoots down Juhi. Neil and Neela get a huge shock and feel Avni has shot Juhi. Vidyut manages to escape on seeing Neil there. Juhi gets shot and falls down the cliff, holding Mishti in her arms. Avni shouts for Mishti. Neil feels Avni has killed Juhi and also Mishti.

Neil stops Avni from jumping down the cliff for Mishti. Avni breaks down and cries for Mishti. Avni asks Neil to save Mishti. Vidyut sends his men to find Mishti. He wants to get away with Mishti. He knows Mishti is Avni’s happiness. He doesn’t want Mishti to be there. Avni gets taken by the police. Neela supports Avni. She thinks Avni will not be able to bear this pain. Avni loses her senses and tells Neil that she has shot Juhi. Bebe tells the family that she is feeling something wrong is going to happen. She worries for Neil and Avni. Vidyut meets Ragini Pandit and tells his plan of framing Avni in Juhi’s murder. Vidyut makes a fool proof plan against Avni. He reveals to her that he couldn’t find Mishti. He feels Mishti has also died along with Juhi.

The police recovers Juhi’s dead body from the river. They don’t find Mishti anywhere. Neil tries to know if Avni is really the culprit. Avni fears for Mishti’s life. She imagines Mishti with her. Shweta asks Avni not to lose hope, they will surely find Mishti. Vidyut reaches Neil and asks him to help him in finding Mishti. He fools Neil and tells him that he didn’t know this before. He asks Neil to find Mishti anyway. He acts to get a shock by Juhi’s murder news. He tells Neil that he is innocent as he had no motive to kill Juhi. He asks Neil to admit that his wife has killed Juhi. Neil reveals Avni is the prime suspect. He doubts on Vidyut. Vidyut tries his best to prove Avni as the criminal. He asks Neil to arrest his wife and do his duty sincerely.


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