Anushka-Yuvraaj to join Chakor’s fight in Udaan and Laado’s merger


After Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjwa merger, Colors will get another merger. Udaan and Laado 2 will have a merger episode soon. Chakor wants to stop Imli from committing more heinous crimes.s She learns Imli has gone to sell off young girls to the city creeps. Chakor wants to reach the place and save many lives. Suraj comes in her way and stops her. He is following Imli’s orders. He doesn’t want Chakor to trouble Imli and Ranvijay. Anushka meets Chakor on the way. Chakor and Anushka help each other. The merger episode will be getting Udaan and Laado 2’s prime characters together for a common cause.

Anushka is also fighting to save young girls from becoming targets of bad people. Anushka faces Suraj. He asks her from which village is she. Anushka tries to run away. She thinks he is going to kill her. Chakor stops Suraj from hurting Anushka. Suraj then hurts Chakor. Anushka tries to save Chakor and hits on his head. Suraj faints. Chakor worries for him. Anushka asks Chakor to run. Chakor cares for Suraj and stays with him. She tells Anushka that she can’t leave Suraj alone, he is her love. She does the aid to his wound. Anushka says he was trying to kill you just now, why are you doing aid to him.


Chakor tells her what true love means. Anushka goes ahead and falls in a huge pit. Anushka calls for help. Chakor saves Anushka. She encourages Anushka to be strong and fight. She says we can deal with any problems if we get determined. They both try to reach Imli and Ranvijay and stop them from trading the innocent girls. On the other hand, Yuvraaj realizes his feelings for Anushka. When he counters Amma ji on the way, he tells her that he is in love with Anushka, he can never harm her, he just means to protect her from wrong people. He confesses his love for Anushka to Amma ji, which leaves her stunned. The merger will get more interesting when Yuvraaj will be making an entry in Aazaadgunj too. He will be supporting Chakor and Anushka in their fight.


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