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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay attempts to save the children. The bus reaches the cliff, while the driver gets injured. He loses consciousness. Shivay reaches there and tries to get down the children before the bus falls down the cliff. The bus gets stuck and oscillates. Shivay and Anika balance the bus by save everyone. Shivay and Anika drop the children out by the back door. Shivay asks Anika to get down the bus. She sticks to her words. He asks her to fasten up and leave. She tells him that she can die with him, but not live without him. Shivay asks her to understand the situation and not be mad. They both stay adamant to be together. He asks her to trust him once and just do as he tells her. He sends Anika down the bus. The bus loses the balance when she leaves. The bus slips into the valley.

    Meri Durga:


    Durga completes her task. She prepares the bhog for the puja by using diya to cook the halwa. She then gets the badam milk and consumes it, telling Gayatri that she has fulfilled her conditions. Sanjay tells Gayatri that her puja worked for him. He breaks the news that he has taken Durga’s family plot in the river project. He wants to vacate Durga’s house and demolish it. Durga learns the matter and gets a big shock. Yashpal and Brij try to stop the officials, who start hurting the family. Rajveer asks Yashpal to calm down his anger and deal the matter in a legal way. He explains Yashpal that they can fail Sanjay’s plans. He agrees that Sanjay is ruining them for revenge. He asks Yashpal to take help from panchayat.

    Rajveer tells him that his anger can make the family fall in more trouble. Sanjay tells Durga that this time has has targeted her family, which means she will surely break down. He thinks Durga’s family is her strength, and by hitting on them, he will break her courage. Durga gets much hurt with his move. Yashpal’s family starts packing their things to vacate their house. He tells everyone that panchayat is not ready to help them. The family shatters with the thought of seeing their house ruining. Yashpal doesn’t see any hope, but Durga reaches him. Durga comes up with an idea to tackle Sanjay. Gayatri tries to test Durga’s calibre and challenges her for a bike stunt. Durga shows her strength and fails her. Durga then gets her family moved to Sanjay’s house, shocking Gayatri the most.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman wants to kill the kidnapper. He worries for Pihu’s life. Mani and Shagun take care of Pihu. Raman gets to know that Ishita might be in his godown. Mani tells Raman that he heard Ishita has also gone to that godown. Raman and Mani reach the godown to find Ishita. They get a huge shock when they find Ishita in an unconscious state. Police checks Ishita. Inspector tells them that Ishita is dead. The family breaks down with this shocking news. Raman doesn’t know what happened with her. He thinks she is still alive. Inspector asks them to accept that she is really dead.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa engages Purushottam by telling him that Sudha will not give him any share in the property. Purushottam gets instigated by Satrupa. He calls Sudha to ask about his share, which she promised him before. Sudha demands him to do what she tells him, as this is not the time to ask for any property share. She refuses to include his name in the documents. Satrupa tells Purushottam that Sudha will end her ties once he does her work. She asks him to accept her offer and join her, by understand Sudha’s motives. She tells him that Sudha will make Narottam the heir. She threatens him of police. She asks him to make a wise choice without getting emotional. Anami reaches the place to find Laddoo.


    Neil is asked to arrest Avni and interrogate her. Commissioner believes that Avni is a criminal. Vidyut turns the tables by giving evidence against Avni. Commissioner asks Neil not to support his wife and do his duty. Neil prefers to resign from his job. Ali packs Avni’s bags and asks her to run away, before the police arrests her. Avni has belief in Neil. She doesn’t want to run away from laws. Shweta tells Ali that Neil will not let Avni get harmed. Neil gets the forensic reports, which state Avni had shot the bullet, she had the gunpowder residue on her hand. Neil fears that he has to arrest Avni.


    Naira hides Raghav’s truth from Kartik. She feels sorry to lie to him. She didn’t think she will face this phase in her life. She doesn’t like hiding her past from him. She tells Kartik about her old friend Sakshi. Kartik tells her that his friend is going to marry Sakshi. Naira looks forward to meet Sakshi. Kartik asks kids to accept Aryan, as he is also their elder brother. Aryan gets glad when the kids bond with him. The kids tell him that they will play with him later. Kartik asks Aryan to accept Suwarna too. Aryan doesn’t want to listen to Kartik. He feels Kartik is playing with his emotions by reminding about Suwarna again and again.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Laila warns Ahana against her marriage dreams falling apart. Ahana doesn’t want to become like Laila. She wants to work out her marriage. She fears Laila’s words can get true. Laila calls her up to know about her honeymoon. Ahana pretends to be very happy with Anant. She tells Laila that she will never become like her mum. She insults Laila. Laila understands Ahana is acting to hide something. Anant takes Ahana to give her a surprise. He gets a car, while she assumes he is taking her for a bike ride. Ahana doesn’t oppose his choices. She adjusts with his wishes. Anant finally plans a beautiful surprise for Ahana. She likes the pleasant ambience. Anant’s mature thinking comes in between their romance. Ahana clicks a selfie with Anant, and sends to Roshni. Roshni and Rehaan get upset seeing them.

    Tarun and Saloni get angered when Laila finds ways to insult them. Laila helps them financially. She gives Saloni her share from Rahul’s property. Saloni gets glad that Rahul thought so much for their future. Tarun dislikes Laila’s drama. Laila gets bored without Ahana’s taunts. She asks Saloni to convince Tarun for accepting her help. Laila doesn’t care if Tarun feels bad. Laila takes Saloni to meet Roshni. She wants to show her good image to Anant. Saloni doesn’t feel any need to meet Roshni in Anant’s absence. Anant and Ahana have a romantic dance. Ahana tells him what things are in trends. Yamini asks Roshni to meet Laila. Roshni vents out her anger on Laila. She gets insulting Laila and Saloni, when Laila calls Rehaan an outsider. Laila tries to show her rights on Anant’s house. Roshni doesn’t accept any nonsense from Laila. Laila understands Roshni is difficult to handle. She wishes her for her birthday. She offers help to Rehaan. Rehaan tells Laila that Ahana will not win always. He warns her that he will reveal Ahana’s truth to Anant.


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