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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika reach their house in Goa and have a cute moment, when he plans a grah pravesh for her. She gets emotional seeing his efforts. Shivay and Anika decide to decorate the house and make it a sweet home. She tells him that she will change the house by her magical touch. Anika doubts that someone is present in the house. She feels like someone is keeping an eye on them. Shivay and Anika have good moments. She takes the challenge to become an ideal dutiful wife. Shivay misses his brothers. He thinks of Rudra’s tearful moment. He doesn’t want Omkara and Rudra to suffer. He doesn’t know how will his brothers manage without him. She tells him that Gauri will look after Omkara. Shivay has more worries about Rudra.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami reaches the place to find Lakshya. Adhiraj spots her there. Anami fails to find Lakshya there. Satrupa does the unexpected when the mother in her overpowers her mind. She decides to hide Lakshya from Anami. She doesn’t unite them, thinking Anami will get away from her when her motive gets fulfilled. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami. Sudha plans to get Lal Mahal in her hands. She is sure that her brother will fulfill her hopes and then none can make her out of Lal Mahal. Purushottam gets caught by Satrupa’s men. He tries to fool them to manage an escape. Purushottam makes a last wish before his death. He traps the men in his sugary words.

    Meri Durga:

    Gayatri tries everything to break Durga down. She hurts her emotions, spirit and courage. She poses a tough task for Durga. Durga gets a bike stunt challenge. Gayatri asks Durga to show her strength and makes her hold two speeding bikes at once. Durga makes a prayer to Hanuman and gains strength. She doesn’t fail in the challenge and makes a record, which surprises Gayatri. Gayatri asks her to complete her practice. Durga and Yashpal outdo Sanjay by failing his plans. Yashpal gets his entire family and luggage to Sanjay’s house. Durga tells Sanjay that it won’t look good if his inlaws stay in road. Yashpal settles his family in Sanjay’s house.

    Sanjay calls Durga a big fool. He tells her that she won’t be able to save her house by doing this. Sanjay doesn’t want Durga’s family to stay with them. Durga tells Sanjay that she will not save her house, as the task will be fulfilled by her husband. Gayatri and Yashpal argue and remind their hours of need to each other. Neelkant tries to humiliate Yashpal and gets hurt himself. Yashpal and Rajveer become Durga’s strength and face Sanjay’s madness. Durga doesn’t worry for her house breaking. She tells Sanjay that her family will stay with them forever if they get homeless because of him. Sanjay doesn’t want them to do any drama. He threatens them that he will ruin their house. Durga is sure that Sanjay will himself save her house. Yashpal troubles them by getting buffaloes at home. Sanjay gets angry seeing his house ruined by Durga’s family.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Laila warns Rehaan against spoiling Ahana’s marriage. She tells him that Anant may end his relation with him if he does such things. Rehaan misbehaves with her, asking her to get prepared to manage Ahana when Anant throws her out. Laila gets into an argument with Rehaan. Rehaan takes her warnings light. He asks her to think of Anant’s reaction, when he tells Anant about Ahana’s real motives. Laila gets raging on Rehaan’s planning. Ahana makes a plan, while Anant gets unwell. Ahana cancels her plans. Anant thanks her for understanding him so much. Ahana takes him to the hotel and gives him medication. Ahana talks to Saloni and learns about Laila’s help. She tells about Rahul’s investments for them. Ahana gets surprised.

    Laila gets upset with Rehaan and Roshni misbehaved with her. Saloni feels Roshni still needs to grow up, she is missing her dad on her birthday. She tells Laila that Roshni’s annoyance is not wrong, she deserves her dad to be present on her birthday. Yamini makes a cake for Roshni and wants her to be happy.

    Roshni celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend, while Yamini plans to surprise her. Roshni hides her boyfriend. She faces a tough time to send Yamini and Aarav away. Anant and Ahana plan to return home and surprise Roshni on her birthday. He decides to take a wonderful present for Roshni. Ahana feels glad seeing him fulfilling his duties. Anant wishes Roshni over the phone. Roshni tries avoiding Ahana. Anant and Ahana come back. Rehaan feels crazy when he starts imagining Ahana around. He tries to control his feelings. He doesn’t want to create more troubles for Anant.


    Raghav intentionally makes Kartik see Naira’s picture in his wallet. Kartik confronts him about Naira’s picture. Raghav tells him that he had a past with Naira. He tells about his relation which he lost by his bad fate. Kartik gets a huge shock. Sakshi suggests Naira not to tell anything to Kartik, as husbands shows belief before, but don’t accept a wife’s past with ease. She makes Naira promise that she will not confide anything. Naira hides the matter from Kartik. Kartik meets Sakshi and congratulates her for her marriage happening with his friend. Naira talks of first love and luck that supports people in getting their love. Kartik gets doubtful of her words. He doesn’t understand what Naira means to say.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The family faces a sorrowful time, when they lose Ishita. Raman couldn’t accept Ishita’s death. Adi fails to know about Parmeet’s involvement in the crime. Parmeet fears police can reach him. The police fails to find out the drug injected to Ishita. The lab gets shut for few days. Inspector tries to know about the cause of death. He keeps the syringe, thinking to send the sample for test later. He feels Ishita is dead and there is no use to get the reports in time. Ishita is taken for autopsy. She tries to communicate to the people. She feels the doctors should check the injection bump and find out the real reason behind her state.


    Avni asks Neil if he doesn’t trust her. Neil asks her to stay away from the crime scene, else he won’t be able to save her. He tells her that she is not a criminal till her crime is proved. He asks her to have hopes. Avni and Ali realize Juhi and Vidyut’s plan to trap her in the murder. Ali tells her that Neil will have to arrest her, as all the evidences are against her. Ali asks Avni what will she do now. Avni decides to save Neil from the sorrow. She knows Neil will break down when he arrests her. She doesn’t want to put Neil in a dilemma. She decides to run away and avoid the bad moments. The family asks Neil to protect his wife, as its his duty. Neil tells them that he has to do his duty towards the law.


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