Omkara screeches out on Shivay’s Vanvaas in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika reach their house in Goa and have a cute moment, when he plans a grah pravesh for her. She gets emotional seeing his efforts. Shivay and Anika decide to decorate the house and make it a sweet home. She tells him that she will change the house by her magical touch. Anika doubts that someone is present in the house. She feels like someone is keeping an eye on them. Shivay and Anika have good moments. She takes the challenge to become an ideal dutiful wife. Shivay misses his brothers. He thinks of Rudra’s tearful moment. He doesn’t want Omkara and Rudra to suffer. He doesn’t know how will his brothers manage without him. She tells him that Gauri will look after Omkara. Shivay has more worries about Rudra.

Pinky wants to take revenge for the injustice happened with Shivay and Anika. Pinky wants to ruin Tej’s life. She determines to take their happiness down. Shivay misses Rudra and talks to him. He couldn’t speak up while hiding his sorrow. Rudra and Dadi understand Shivay’s emotions by his silence. Pinky and Tej’s arguments continue as usual.

Omkara arrives home. He learns about Shivay’s leaving. He confronts his parents for being so blind in their greed. Omkara doesn’t want any property or business, that separates him from Shivay. Omkara asks them what made them take the decision by losing all the trust on Shivay. Tej tells Omkara that Shivay is not his brother, he has given their shares to Shwetlana without asking or taking their consent. Omkara gets disappointed that Tej made Shivay leave for this petty thing. Omkara then breaks out the truth to them. He tells Tej that Shivay has named all his shares and properties to his brothers. He feels sorry that Shivay has gone away by giving everything to them.


Omkara asks Tej to realize that Shivay has done everything for their betterment. Tej doubts that Shivay has some plan behind his move. Dadi tells Tej that Shivay can’t snatch his brothers’ right, he is not a selfish person. Omkara accuses Tej for breaking the family. He asks Tej why did he not realize the reason behind Shivay’s helplessness. He vents out anger on Tej for separating the loving brothers, and fulfilling his old dream. Omkara and Rudra stick to keep their love and loyalty for Shivay. They don’t want anything to come in between.

Omkara promises to unite Shivay with the family. Jhanvi feels upset knowing Shivay’s sacrifice, while Tej doubts on Shivay’s intentions. Omkara asks Tej how could he ruin his own family.

Omkara gets angry on Jhanvi too. He calls her decision wrong. He asks her how could she send Shivay on vanvaas. He makes her realize her biggest mistake of her life. Rudra feels sorry that he couldn’t stop Shivay. Omkara asks Rudra why did he not go along with him. Omkara feels Shivay has abandoned everything to keep his vow. He gets disheartened knowing the family couldn’t give deserving love to Shivay. Tej doesn’t leave his adamancy. He decides to divide the house. Tej and Pinky angrily opt got house division.


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