Teni determines to save her friendship in Dil Se Dil Tak


Indu hopes Parth and Teni will come closer. She explains Teni that Lord will soon bless her and unite her with Parth. She feels her mannat is getting fulfilled. Teni doesn’t believe this. She doesn’t want to keep any hope. She ignores Indu’s words. She doesn’t break Indu’s hopes, feeling the truth may hurt her heart. Parth angrily takes Teni to storeroom and scolds her. She tells him that she has not killed Shorvori, but he may continue to hate her. She pleads him to understand her for once.

She says just my heart knows my relation with Shorvori, you can’t judge me by believing others. She reminds him their friendship. She says even when you hate me so much, our fate is getting us closer. He tells her that he will change fate to send her away from his family. She tells him that he can never change fate, she will prove him the truth, if she doesn’t change his hatred, she will always regret that she failed to end the misunderstandings. She doesn’t want their friendship to fail. She wants Parth to stay happy. He vents out anger on her. He doesn’t want her to bond with the baby. She always wanted Bhanushalis to be happy and decides to leave to end cropping problems.


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