Adhiraj to plot revenge again in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi cures herself from the poison affect. Devi gets fine by taking the medicines. Adhiraj gets to hear her and realizes she has really poisoned Maasa’s food. Adhiraj gets a thought to taking revenge from her. He thinks he did a big mistake to believe Devi. Adhiraj and Devi’s terms are changing. They appear to be coming close. Kesar wants them to be happy. Devi feels her love story is getting completed. She is experiencing new emotions. She is surprised by Adhiraj’s good behavior.

Devi has proved her innocence and won Adhiraj’s trust. Devi feel she can also trust Adhiraj. Devi tries to confess love to him. Adhiraj makes Devi smell chloroform. Devi faints down. He puts her in storeroom and keeps her away. Adhiraj has a plan on his mind. He thinks of some way to get revenge from her.

Adhiraj’s strange doings arises many questions. Adhiraj then plans a date. Devi gets surprised when he gifts her a beautiful dress. She looks stunning and gets compliments from him. She feels the hatred between them changed to love. She happily dances thinking about their date. Adhiraj plans to take her on a date to jungle safari. Devi is blindly believing Adhiraj. She is very excited to go out with Adhiraj, but he plans to hurt Devi. He hides his plotting from Devi. A big twist will separate Adhiraj and Devi. Adhiraj will be testing her love by dropping her amidst the jungle dangers.



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