Ishqbaaz & Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Shivika’s surprise for Anant and Ahana


Tej and Pinky divide the Oberoi mansion by sketching a separating line. Shivay is unaware of the happenings in Oberoi family. Shivay and Anika settle in their new house. They both experience something new and learn the hardships of living away from the family. Anika constantly feels there is someone in their house. Shivay asks her not to stress about it. Anika observes someone’s presence. She learns a strange woman is residing in the house. Anika worriedly informs Shivay about the stranger.

Meanwhile, Anant and Ahana surprise Roshni by arriving on her birthday. Rehaan’s presence makes them feel uncomfortable. Anant tries to clear out his mind. He feels he should forgive Rehaan once. Rehaan has plans to expose Ahana by revealing her true motives behind the marriage. Shivay and Anika join Ahana and Anant in the special episode. They compliment Ahana and Anant for their unique and lovely relation. Shivay encourages their love. Ahana realizes she dearly loves Anant, as love doesn’t have any conditions. Shivay and Anika plan a surprise for them. Rehaan gets troubled by his growing feelings for Ahana.



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