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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman gets curious to know the cause of Ishita’s death. Raman cares for Ishita and instructs the hospital staff to look after her well. He feels some connection with her. She wishes Raman hears her once. Raman doesn’t want her to go. He expresses his feelings to her. He asks her not to leave him again. She feels their relation is of many births. He doesn’t want to send her away. He doesn’t remember their relation, and still feels inclined towards her. He pleads her not to leave him alone. She gets emotional hearing him. Raman doesn’t know she is alive. He feels something wrong has happened with her leaving. He realizes Ishita is taking away his will to live.

    Meri Durga:
    Sanjay gets angry on Durga for troubling his family. He tells her that he will not leave her parents. Gayatri tries to avoid Durga’s training. She tells Durga that she doesn’t want anyone to know her secret. Durga suggests her to wear a saree over her track suit. Gayatri gets compelled by Durga. She refuses to train Durga. Durga doesn’t want Gayatri to get any excuse in her favor. Durga and Gayatri leave for the training. Yashpal spots Gayatri and wonders why did she go after Durga and Rajveer.

    Gayatri proposes a tough drill and asks Durga to complete the task if she wants her house to get saved. She challenges Durga. She asks Durga to show her talents and impress her. Rajveer realizes Gayatri’s conditions will hurt Durga. Gayatri asks Rajveer to make a leave, else train Durga himself. She makes it clear that no one will interfere in her method of training. Gayatri asks Durga to surpass her own records to prove herself. Rajveer sees Yashpal tracking Gayatri. He gets an idea to don Gayatri’s saree and divert Yashpal. Gayatri makes the task more tough by putting bahu’s duties on Durga’s shoulders during her training. She makes sure Durga doesn’t pass the challenge.


    Anika prepares to do the duties of an ideal wife. She senses someone around. She misses to see anyone. Shivay and Anika try to adjust in the new life. Anika finds hard to wake up early. She wakes up late and looks for Shivay. Shivay manages everything by himself. He asks her not to take stress about becoming an ideal wife. He is sure she will manage well some day. Shivay prepares breakfast for her. Anika promises to make better breakfast for him. Meanwhile, Omkara and Rudra miss Shivay at home. Shivay leaves for a business deal. He asks Anika to take good care of herself. Anika suspects someone to be around. Omkara gets upset with Gauri for failing to stop Shivay and Anika. Gauri apologizes to him.

    Tu Sooraj MSPJ:

    Maasi and Aditya plan to kill Kanak. Aditya takes disguise and enters the home. Uma asks Kanak to return him the mangalsutra. He wants to keep his promise to Maasi. Kanak refuses to budge. She takes his words light and flirts with him. Maasi wants to control everything. She tells Aditya that she will kill Kanak once Uma fulfills her motives. Aditya can’t wait to kill Kanak. He makes a plan to knock off Kanak. He asks Maasi to send Kanak to the store room by some excuse so that he can kill her.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Saloni learns Laila has lied to her about Rahul’s investments. She asks Laila why did she lie to them and help indirectly. Laila gets confronted once again. Laila tells Saloni that she wanted to help them after knowing about her pregnancy issues. She asks Saloni to accept her help and lie to Tarun. She confesses that she has lied for Saloni. She asks Saloni to lie for her child. Ahana too asks Saloni to accept the money, as she needs it for her medical care. Saloni unwillingly accepts Laila’s help.

    Roshni misses Anant on her birthday. Rehaan cheers her up. Rehaan gifts a cake to Rehaan. While they celebrate, Roshni gets surprised seeing Anant back. Rehaan tells Anant that he just came to wish Roshni. He decides to leave, but aunt stops him. Anant asks Rehaan to attend the celebrations. Anant showers gifts for Roshni. Roshni makes a wish and asks Anant to get Rehaan back. She expects Ahana to fulfill her wish. She tells them that she wants Rehaan back in their house.

    Rehaan understands Anant’s silence. He refuses to come back home. He doesn’t want to put Anant in my fix. Shivay and Anika come to grace the occasion. Ahana welcomes them. Shivay and Anika give them some Ishqbaazi tips. Anika compliments their pairing. The couples have a good time discussing their opinions on love. Anika tells them that she has made a special plan for Roshni. She tries to bond with Roshni. She advises Roshni to accept Ahana. Roshni learns the two difficult opposites, who united by fate. Shivay tells Roshni that one has to value the family. Anika asks her to give some time to Rehaan. Roshni gets cheerful and celebrates her birthday with everyone. Ahana suggests Anant to get Rehaan back for his children’s sake. Laila doesn’t like Ahana’s decision. She doesn’t want any contender in Ahana’s life.


    Manish schedules many meetings to avoid Suwarna. He doesn’t want any anniversary party. Kartik cancels all the meetings to force Manish into attending the party. Kartik and Naira try to convince Manish. Suwarna gets new hopes. She prepares for the party with all her heart. Aryan doesn’t help Suwarna when she falls down the stairs. Manish comes to her rescue. He gets angry on Aryan’s immaturity and carelessness. His concern for Suwarna gets witnessed. Manish scolds Aryan for hurting Suwarna. Aryan targets Suwarna again. He reminds Manish what Suwarna did to him. He asks Manish if he is preparing to celebrate his anniversary again. Aryan fills anger back in Manish’s mind.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa safeguards Lakshya. She exploits Sudha’s emotions by threatening her about Narottam’s life. Satrupa kidnaps Narottam. She makes Sudha lose her temper. Sudha gets mad by Satrupa’s threatening. She decides to kill Satrupa, while Naina stops her in time. Sudha rages to give an answer to Satrupa. She feels trapped from all corners. She wants Purushottam and Narottam to be back on her side. Satrupa waits for Sudha to react angrily. She provokes Sudha more. Adhiraj feels disturbed that Lakshya got kidnapped because of Lal Mahal’s politics. He doesn’t want Anami to become a target like Vatsalya. He wants to secure Anami and support her in sorrow.


    Satya tells Leela that he is impressing Susheel just to break her heart. Leela is angered as Susheel has hurt Satya before. He wants to see Susheel’s pride shattering. Satya mocks love and plays a game with Susheel, who really falls in love with him. She doesn’t know about Satya’s bet to turn love into a game.


    Neil arrests Avni and blames her for misusing his ACP status. Avni misunderstands Neil. She feels he has always doubted on her. She frees him from their marital relation. Avni breaks ties with him and asks him to arrest her. Vidyut’s plan fails when Neil arrests Avni. The family asks Neil not to arrest Avni. Neil tries to protect Avni from Vidyut. He arrests Avni and sends her to jail. Avni gets heartbroken thinking Neil didn’t trust her ever, he never loved her. Neil can’t tell her the reason for his deed. He feels sorry and guilty. The family shatters with Avni leaving. Neil and Avni’s hearts cry. Neil hurts her by his fake hatred.


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