Parth-Teni to search for missing baby in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni is much helpless. She leaves from Parth’s life. She boards the bus. Teni thinks of Bhanushali family and cries. She is going away from her love and daughter. She has got just hatred from Parth. She decided to go too far from everyone. Her smile vanishes. She wishes Parth and her daughter stay happy. Parth learns about Teni. He doubts Teni has run away with his daughter. He chases her to know if the baby is with her. He drives hurriedly to stop the bus. Parth boards the bus and checks for Teni. He meets Teni and learns she didn’t take his daughter. He realizes someone else has kidnapped the baby. Teni gets worried knowing the baby is gone missing. Parth goes in search of the baby.

Teni gets arrested. Teni tries to escape the police. She wants to run away. She doesn’t want Parth to believe her as a culprit. She wants to save her baby. She fools the constable. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt her baby. Parth learns Teni has run away. He tries to find her. Teni has faced much of Parth’s anger and hatred. Parth hates her a lot. Teni doesn’t care for his hatred. She just thinks of some way to get her baby back.


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