Anushka blasts her anger on Yuvraaj in Laado 2


Yuvraaj’s family comes to see him in the hospital. Komal loses her cool and admits the truth, that their own family has hurt Yuvraaj. Anushka is getting trapped by Balwant’s plan. She learns Yuvraaj is injured. She meets him at the hospital. She gets angry on him and thinks he has planned to kill her. She confronts him. She tells him that just he knew her plan, that’s why he tried to kill her to end the evidence. She says Dadi was always right about you, I couldn’t think you will fall so low. Yuvraaj denies the blames. She says you did this drama to save your friends, who are the real culprits, you are cheating me with this accident drama now, you never wanted me to reach Jhanvi’s culprits.

He says you are mistaken. Anushka angrily hurts him. She is determined to punish the culprits. She tells Yuvraaj that he can never win, truth will ultimately win. She hits the oxygen table. She thinks he has broken her trust.

Yuvraaj falls down the bed and suffers. Doctor and Komal find Yuvraaj hurt and take care of him. Once Yuvraaj recovers, Anushka comes to meet him again. She apologizes to him for all the anger. Yuvraaj’s family picture falls down. He asks her not to touch the picture, as she can blame his family too. She says sorry, you belong to a good family. He hides his family’s truth and asks her to just leave. She says I got to know you well, you are a good person, I will earn your friendship back. Even he doesn’t want to lose her, since he started developing feelings for her.


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