A short leap introduces mysterious Neo in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil arrests Avni and blames her for misusing his ACP status. Avni misunderstands Neil. She feels he has always doubted on her. She frees him from their marital relation. Avni breaks ties with him and asks him to arrest her. Vidyut’s plan fails when Neil arrests Avni. The family asks Neil not to arrest Avni. Neil tries to protect Avni from Vidyut. He arrests Avni and sends her to jail. Avni gets heartbroken thinking Neil didn’t trust her ever, he never loved her. Neil can’t tell her the reason for his deed. He feels sorry and guilty. The family shatters with Avni leaving. Neil and Avni’s hearts cry. Neil hurts her by his fake hatred.

Avni assumes Neil to be stone hearted. Neil breaks down after she leaves. Neela supports Neil as his step was absolutely necessary. Neil feels he has broken Avni’s trust and now she will hate him. Neela tells him that she also supported him in this decision. He asks her not to let Avni know the reason. Neela wants to tell the truth to Avni. Neil is ready to bear Avni’s hatred. He feels he didn’t do justice with Avni. Avni faces a suffering phase in jail. Neil fails to explain himself to his family.


The story takes a leap of six months. Vidyut steps in politics. He wants to lie to the people and act as a helper. Vidyut tries to strike a big deal and reap profits. Neela spies on Vidyut, hoping to get close to his secrets, that could help Neil and her in freeing Avni. Neil turns into a mystery man Neo, to hunt down Vidyut and take revenge for Avni. Neil makes sure that he spoils Vidyut’s every deal.

He wants Vidyut to just suffer the losses. He feels Vidyut should face the punishment, if not by laws, then by someone else. Neil turns into Neo to trouble Vidyut. He challenges Vidyut to catch him if he can. Neil promises to do justice with Avni and get her back in his life. Vidyut realizes Neil is acting as Neo to take revenge. Vidyut likes his new game with mysterious Neo. Neil doesn’t leave any proof that can help Vidyut prove his crime. Neil dons a similar avatar like Avni/Ananya Verma, when she used to rob the rich corrupt people to help the poor. Avni deals with torturing people in the jail. She gets into a fight with another prisoner. Neil comes to stop Avni and faces her again. Neil has much love for Avni in his heart, while Avni is much disappointed with Neil’s cheat. Avni plans to escape from the prison.


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