Chakor declares to fight with Imli in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Imli has a dream to rule on Aazaadgunj. she comes to the village and fixes the posters of the medical treatments. She tells the villagers that they can get treated in the hospital, but they have to give consent to the doctors, that if anything goes wrong with their lives, the doctors and hospital won’t be responsible. Imli plans to sell off their organs as part of her other business. Chakor questions Imli about the conditions. She asks Imli what is she planning to do by acting to help people. Chakor gives her a challenge. She gets the villagers on her side. She opposes Imli. She questions Imli about her wrong activities. Chakor gets angry on Imli for risking villagers’ lives. She asks Imli what game is she playing now. She has to save all the villagers from her. She says I had gone to jail with this dream, I have come back with the same dream, I will free this village, I will ruin you and your husband’s evil kingdom. Imli laughs on Chakor’s threatening.

She asks why don’t you understand, I m not the old Imli now, I m much powerful, the day you realize my powers, you will not say this nonsense, you will leave your dream flight. She gets overconfident. She underestimates Chakor. She says I m sure of my victory, even then you can keep trying to fight with me. Kasturi and Bhuvan are upset with Imli. They all support Chakor in her struggles.


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