High Five Spoilers

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Shakti: Raavi beats Balwinder with the slipper. He asks her not to go mad. He shouts to Harman for help. She is troubled by his unemployment. Harman, Soumya and everyone stop Raavi. Harman asks Raavi did she go mad to beat her husband. He asks her to fight in the room and not create a scene at home. Raavi is angered as Balwinder always lied to her about his job. She tells them that Balwinder doesn’t have any job, he has sold her jewelry and cheated her. Raavi sheds tears thinking Balwinder couldn’t earn his self-respect till now.


Anika senses someone in the house. Shivay gains a new experience by shopping for grocery. Anika feels homesick. She misses everyone. She tries asking Shivay the reason for leaving the family. He doesn’t feel like telling her the matter, only to keep her away from worries. She gets upset with Shivay. He tries to sing a song and make up to her. He asks her not to stay upset, as he can’t see her like that. He wants her to smile again. He sings a wonderful song and convinces her. They both have a beautiful moment in their new house. They are away from the family and still try to find happiness.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Teni are worried for their daughter. They try to follow the kidnapper and save their child. Rishabh kidnaps the baby and runs away. Parth fails to catch him. Teni supports Parth. She asks him not to lose courage. Parth sees Teni’s true concern. They manage to catch Rishabh. Parth and Teni beat him up to seek an answer about the baby. Police arrests Rishabh. Inspector says Rishabh doesn’t have the baby. Teni asks Parth to leave Rishabh, just he can take them to the baby. Rishabh challenges Parth to find the baby if he can. He says you can never get the baby, I have sent the baby too far. Teni cries for the baby. Parth consoles her and promises to find the baby.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar is facing much challenges. Simar doesn’t lose courage. She stays fearless. Simar sees a thief stealing the magical box. Simar gets worried that the box will trouble many. Simar asks the thief to stop. The thief drops oil on the floor and makes her fall. He smartly manages to escape. Simar still follows him. Simar can’t let anyone take the box. She has to protect the box.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma tells Kanak that he can’t be her love now, as he is marrying Paulmi. He asks her to leave all her hopes. He doesn’t want Kanak to be after him. He breaks her mangalsutra, trying to explain that its too late now. Kanak challenges him that she will get him back by her love and belief. She tells what the power of love can do. Aditya fails to kill Kanak on the haldi ceremony day. He replans to kill Kanak on Uma’s wedding day. Aditya kidnaps Kanak and tries to kill her. Uma reaches on time as always and saves Kanak.


Imli has a dream to rule on Aazaadgunj. she comes to the village and fixes the posters of the medical treatments. She tells the villagers that they can get treated in the hospital, but they have to give consent to the doctors, that if anything goes wrong with their lives, the doctors and hospital won’t be responsible. Imli plans to sell off their organs as part of her other business. Chakor questions Imli about the conditions. She asks Imli what is she planning to do by acting to help people. Chakor gives her a challenge. She gets the villagers on her side. She opposes Imli. She questions Imli about her wrong activities. Chakor gets angry on Imli for risking villagers’ lives.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj attempts to kill Devi. He takes her to the echo point. He confesses love to Devi. He shouts out his love. He asks Devi to confess love as well. Devi shouts I love you Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks her to step ahead. She slips down and asks him to hold her hand. Adhiraj was about to push her. He gets glad that she slipped on her own. He takes a step back. He makes her fall down the cliff. She hangs to the tree and shouts for help. He cheats Devi by his love. Devi can’t believe that Adhiraj gave her death in return of her love.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep wants to give all the happiness on Aarohi’s birthday. They have a cute moment. Deep decorates the house well. Aarohi gets glad seeing everyone putting efforts for making her birthday special. Aarohi cuts the cake. He sings a romantic song for her and wishes her. She has become his love now. Deep wants to forget Tara and move on in life with Aarohi. Aarohi believes Deep’s love. She happily cries, getting emotional by his lovely surprise. Aarohi sees her life journey in pictures. Aarohi celebrates her birthday with the family. Aarohi gets a birthday gift from Aniket. She hugs the teddy and cries. Deep gets tension seeing Aniket’s gift. He knows Aniket got killed by Tara. He fears Tara is upto something. He tries to make the teddy away. He doesn’t want to lose Aarohi to Tara’s madness. Aarohi will be knowing Deep’s truth.

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