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Piyaa Albela:
Naren and Pooja jump in the cow dung. Their clothes get spoiled. They both don new costumes. Naren wears a ghagra and dons a PK look. He accompanies Pooja. The people see the weird looking guy. They have a city tour in their new looks. Pooja holds her anger when some guys tease Naren. Pooja takes revenge for Naren’s insult. Pooja goes to the goons at night and beats them up. Pooja mocks her mentally childish condition. She doesn’t tell Naren and Mama ji that she is fine. She wants to fight the battle on her own, against her enemies Rahul, Surbhi and Mr. Kapoor.

Laado 2:

Yuvraaj’s family comes to see him in the hospital. Komal loses her cool and admits the truth, that their own family has hurt Yuvraaj. Anushka is getting trapped by Balwant’s plan. She learns Yuvraaj is injured. She meets him at the hospital. She gets angry on him and thinks he has planned to kill her. She confronts him. She tells him that just he knew her plan, that’s why he tried to kill her to end the evidence. She says Dadi was always right about you, I couldn’t think you will fall so low. Yuvraaj denies the blames. She says you did this drama to save your friends, who are the real culprits, you are cheating me with this accident drama now, you never wanted me to reach Jhanvi’s culprits.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:
Sonia tries to kill Raavi. She pushes Raavi in the quicksand. She also slips down. Raavi and Sonia fall in the quicksand. Rishi comes to save Rishi. Sonia tries to push Raavi away and get saved first. She doesn’t let Raavi get away. Raavi struggles to save her life. Rishi tries hard and pulls Raavi out. Raavi helps Sonia. Raavi asks her to hold her hand and come out. Rishi asks her to let Sonia die. Raavi doesn’t want Sonia to die. He can’t trust Sonia. He scolds Sonia. He tells her that he will always save Raavi.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan learns that Diya was engaged to Abhay, 12 years ago. He realizes Diya has broken her engagement just to do her duties towards him. He feels guilty for spoiling Diya’s life. Diya gets curious to know about Abhay’s return. She feels strange that Abhay made an entry when Ratan and she revealed to the family about their marriage. Diya has to make a decision and choose either of love or responsibility. She has to decide whether she will marry Abhay and move on in life, or will she stay back with Ratan to protect him and do her duty.

Harman, Preeto and Soumya come home. Mohini taunts on Saas-bahu bonding. Mohini reveals to them that Preeto has killed Soumya’s mum Nimmi. She spoils their happiness. She attempts to break their unity. Soumya gets a big shock knowing this and asks Preeto is this true. Preeto gets speechless. Mohini wants to break Preeto and Soumya’s bonding. She is close to get her motives fulfilled. She wants to get Harak’s house and property. She is getting angry as Soumya is coming in her way. She is close to her aim. Harak is completely in her control. Mohini doesn’t want anyone to spoil her plan. Mohini thinks Soumya will not have a big heart to forgive Preeto. She feels Preeto can’t do anything if Harman and Soumya withdraw their support.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:
Rehaan imagines Ahana everywhere. He has fallen in love with her. He questions himself when his feelings for Ahana gets growing with each passing day. Rehaan knows very well that she is Anant’s wife, even then he gets drawn towards her. Rehaan doesn’t want to create hurdles for Ahana. He wonders why is he feeling such love for Ahana.

Neil gets to see Avni fighting with someone in the jail. He constantly keeps an eye on Avni. He asks Avni not to try to cheat him. He makes it clear that she can never escape from his jail. He shifts her to another room, which she was desiring since long. Avni thinks her motives of breaking the prison will get easily accomplished now. She gets thankful to him for helping her unknowingly. Neil can’t explain her that he is safeguarding her from Vidyut, who is still dreaming to free Avni and get her in his life.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:
Everyone looks for Rahul in the village. Gauri and Namrata get worried that Rahul has gone missing. They fear the villagers have harmed him. Thakur gets Rahul buried inside the ground as a punishment for attempting to kill Kaal Bhairav’s Shuvaan. He doesn’t want to give any more chance to Rahul to raise a objection on their beliefs. Lakhan guards the grave and makes sure Rahul doesn’t come out. Rahul turns lucky and finds a secret tunnel inside the ground. He follows to the end of the tunnel and finds himself in the middle of the jungle. His life gets saved. Shakti accuses Thakur for killing Rahul and disappearing his body. Shakti demands Thakur for an answer. Thakur denies his involvement. Everyone learns about Thakur’s move against Rahul. Thakur receives a shock when he sees Rahul alive.


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