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Shakti: Soumya tries to unite Harman and Preeto. She takes them out for shopping. Harman doesn’t talk to Preeto. Soumya then takes them to the park. Preeto tells Soumya about Harman’s childhood. Harman gets smiling hearing his childhood stories. Soumya asks Preeto to slap Harman and end his adamancy like childhood. Preeto says I will not slap him, he should punish me. Preeto asks Harman to beat her and vent out his anger. She asks him to forgive her. Harman doesn’t listen. Preeto sheds tears. Soumya asks him to forgive his mum once. Preeto says maybe I deserve this, why don’t you slap me. Harman melts his heart and hugs Preeto. They cry and get emotional. Preeto happily hugs Soumya. She thanks Soumya for uniting Harman and her.

Meri Durga:

Durga gets in search for Sanjay. She reaches his farmhouse. Durga gets hurt seeing Sanjay romancing Aarti. She didn’t expect Sanjay to cheat her. She gets heartbroken. Sanjay makes Durga jealous. He wants Durga to suffer. He tells Durga that he doesn’t love her, she deserves just his hatred. He is hurting Durga to take revenge. He plays a love drama with Aarti. Durga knows Aarti is in love with Sanjay, but she didn’t think Sanjay will insult their marriage this way.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni reaches Rishabh to save her child. Rishabh hurts Teni and sends away the baby. Teni gets a big shock when Rishabh shows his true colors. Teni and Rishabh have a fight. He manages to hurt her and runs away. Parth reaches Teni. He finds her hurt. He asks her not to worry, he will call commissioner. He asks police to find his baby. Teni cries on failing to save her child. Parth follows Rishabh. He misses to catch Rishabh. Commissioner tells Parth that they are trying their best to find the baby. He tells him about the children trafficking, how the children are sold to people. Teni says I have seen Rishabh’s mum, I have realized her powers. Parth vows to find his daughter.

Udaan: Imli plays politics again. Chakor opposes Imli and Ranvijay again. Suraj stops Chakor from creating a scene. The people gather to attend the puja and have food. Chakor goes to taste the food, to know if everything is right. Imli blames Chakor for snatching her parents. She curses Chakor and Kasturi. Chakor loses her cool and takes a stand for her parents. Suraj stops Chakor from arguing. Imli tries to show that she is a great lady, who is helping the villagers. She asks villagers to come for the Mahabhoj. Chakor worries that food has something mixed. She tries to stop them from consuming food.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sanjana comes home dressed as Santa. She surprises Mata ji. Sanjana wants to give happiness to the family. Sanjana wishes Mata ji. She asks Mata ji to permit them to celebrate Christmas at home. Mata ji says I have no objection, you can celebrate Christmas. Sanjana goes to Roshni to make plans for the fest. Sanjana gets worried for something. Roshni and Mata ji find her upset and ask her what’s bothering her.


Satya is going to confess all his mistakes in front of Susheel. He takes her for an icecream date. He tries hard to tell her his planning. He had planned to win her heart and cheat her in love, so that he can break her heart. Satya changes his mind. He tells her that he had a bet with his friends, he wanted to make her suffer from a heartbreak. Satya’s truth doesn’t come out in front of her. He expresses his feelings to her. When he confesses everything, Susheel doesn’t pay attention to him and runs to save a girl, who is about to get hit by a truck. Susheel saves the girl by her bravery. She gets hurt. Satya worries for Susheel and runs after her. Satya feels proud of her. She misses to learn his truth. He loses courage to tell everything to Susheel all over again.

Laado 2:

Anushka gets kidnapped by Rantej’s goons. The goons ask Anushka to give the evidence against Jhanvi’s culprits. She refuses to give up. She tells them that they can’t save the culprits, the case got registered by now. A goon slaps her. She challenges them to face her friend, he will teach them a lesson, he is an enemy of evil doers, they will get scared on meeting him.The goon asks about whom is she scaring them. She names Yuvraaj. The goons laugh and tell her that Yuvraaj got her kidnapped. Anushka gets a shock and asks them did Yuvraaj send them. She gets heartbroken.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma and Kanak have a sweet moment. They start their new life. They talk via eyes. Both of them do their work and lose focus on seeing each other. Uma makes medicines and grinds some herbs. He just adores Kanak. Kanak turns shy seeing him. Kanak writes Uma loves Kanak and shows him. Uma makes her correct his spelling. They have magical love moments. Shiv and Suman tell Uma that they know he can’t live without Kanak, but Maasi asked them not to let them meet. Uma and Kanak have come close after he called off his marriage with Paulmi. Paulmi tells everyone that she will leave the house, she regrets to come between Uma and Kanak, she won’t be right if she stays with them in same house. She apologizes to Kanak.


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