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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay goes for shopping grocery. He gets missing his family, while taking to the vendor. He learns about Anika visiting the market. The vendor tells him what Anika did. Shivay denies to know her. He then defends her. The vendor gets happy seeing his generous side. Omkara feels tensed to attend the business meetings. He decides to go office just for Shivay’s sake. He wants to protect Shivay’s dream by putting efforts. Gauri fills in confidence in him. Omkara thanks her for all her support. Omkara leaves for office. Gauri receives the organic vegetables ordered by Shivay. Tia provokes Tej, asking him if he will pay for Shivay’s choice of vegetables. Gauri takes a stand for Shivay. Tej refuses to pay for the vegetables.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan deals with his feelings for Ahana. Roshni doesn’t want him to leave. He apologizes to her for turning down her wish. He asks her to wait till Anant calls him back himself. He promises to come back when Anant calls him. Anant sees Rehaan with Roshni. He doesn’t dislike him. He still loves Rehaan, but his anger doesn’t end. Ahana asks Anant to call Rehaan back. She forgives Rehaan. She asks Anant to think for his family and accept Rehaan. Roshni doesn’t think Ahana will let Anant call Rehaan back. Anant thinks to stop Rehaan from leaving. Rehaan wishes Roshni again and goes.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

    Maasi doesn’t want Uma to get hurt. She tries to save Uma. Kanak attempts to get the haldi. The haldi falls over Kanak and Uma. Kanak gets glad by the shagun. Maasi asks Uma to come for the haldi ceremony with Paulmi. Kanak sees Uma’s haldi ceremony. She asks Uma to not miss the chance of choosing her. He confronts her for getting divorce papers and asking for alimony. He asks her not to explain the value of love to him. He tells her that he is going to marry someone else, they have lost each other forever. He asks Kanak not to have any hopes. He is upset with her for not valuing his love before and pushing him to this level of marrying Paulmi.

    Bhabho arrives for Payal’s haldi. She learns about Kanak’s divorce. She gets much upset. Maasi welcomes Bhabho and Ved’s family. She reveals about Kanak and Uma’s divorce. She tells Bhabho that Kanak is taking huge alimony from Uma for divorce. She tells Bhabho that Kanak is taking Uma’s half property. She gets insulting Kanak. She gives shocking news to Bhabho. She tells about Uma’s marriage happening with Paulmi. The family gets moved by the news. Bhabho believes Kanak. She knows Kanak can’t do anything wrong, but she gets annoyed that Kanak has hidden everything from her till now.

    Maasi asks Bhabho not to get numb and better confront Kanak for her doings. Kanak reveals to Bhabho how she has given up her relation to save Uma from Maasi. She tells the entire truth to Ved, Vansh and Bhabho. Aditya confronts Maasi for not killing Kanak. Maasi tells him that Uma also reached Kanak, so she had to change her plans. She wants to celebrate once she gets property from Uma. She advises him not to do anything till their motives get fulfilled. He gets hell bent to kill Kanak. Kanak prepares Uma’s mandap. She tells him that she will take his baraat and fight till the last minute.

    Meri Durga:

    Rajveer fools Yashpal and doesn’t let him see Gayatri with Durga. Gayatri troubles Durga and gives her tough tasks. She injures Durga. She tells Durga that none can save her house now. Durga gets worried. Yashpal reaches Durga to tell her about Gayatri. Rajveer hides Gayatri and meets Yashpal to assure him that Gayatri can’t harm Durga, she can never fail Durga in her success motives. Gayatri determines to ruin Durga. Durga takes care of her wounds. She decides to tackle Sanjay and Gayatri before her championship.

    Sanjay tells Yashpal that the war between them has begun. He promises to ruin their house and take revenge. He wants Durga to apologize to them. Durga doesn’t want to accept any blame. Yashpal asks Sanjay to do anything than threatening them every day. He tells Sanjay that none can break their house.

    Sanjay shows the papers to Durga and tells her that he will proceed with the demolition order. He locks Durga and her family at home. He doesn’t want them to stop him. Sanjay shows the live destruction of the house to Durga and her family. Durga locks up Gayatri and shows live destruction of Sanjay’s house to him on a video call. She asks him to realize the same pain, what she is facing right now. Durga demands him to stop the demolition and leave her house.


    Naira and Kartik try to explain Suwarna’s pain and sacrifice through a skit about Devki’s sacrifice of giving away her son Krishna. Kartik and Naira play Vasudev and Devki, and try to highlight that it was much tough for Devki to give away her son. Naira raises the question if Vasudev supported Devki only when she shared her decision with him, would any man not support his wife if she takes such a sacrificing decision and abandon her son without his consent. Aryan gets angered and stops the play. He scolds Naira and Kartik for supporting Suwarna. He tells them that Devki’s fear for her son was justified, but Suwarna is not any Devki, she was selfish to abandon her son for her greedy motives.

    Rishton Ka Chakravuyh:

    Sudha attacks Satrupa to know about Narottam. Anami saves Satrupa and calms down Sudha. She asks Sudha to understand that Lakshya is kidnapped, not Narottam. Sudha fails to know anything. She understands Satrupa’s planning and decides to be wise. She thinks of stepping back a little and failing Satrupa’s plans. Lakshya misses Anami. He demands to get Anami’s dupatta so that he can feel her presence. Satrupa takes care of Anami. Lakshya gets scared in darkness, when power failure occurs. He sits crying in fear. Lakshya gets Anami’s dupatta and gets consoled. Satrupa keeps Lakshya happy.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman saves Ishita from the funeral fire. The family doesn’t believe him, when he tells them that Ishita is alive. Inspector supports Raman. He confirms that Ishita is alive. They get Ishita treated by the doctor. Ishita gets the instant anti-venom in time. Ishita comes back to senses. Everyone gets glad by seeing the miracle done by Raman. He takes Ishita to the hospital. He tells everyone that Ishita will get fine. The family gets a new hope. The doctor reveals to them about the snake venom injected to Ishita, which paralyzed her body completely. Everyone thanks Raman for saving Ishita from death. Shagun feels sorry that Raman doesn’t remember Ishita is his wife.


    Neil turns into crime fighter Neo. He fixes the bomb to the truck and blasts the consignment. He ruins Vidyut again. He wants to make Vidyut pay for his crimes this way. He wants to get justice for Avni. He promises to get Avni back in his life. Neil failed to punish Vidyut by the legal way. He doesn’t want to spare Vidyut. Vidyut doubts that Neil is behind everything. Neil uses a hologram projector and fools Vidyut by his presence at home. Meanwhile, Avni deals with her sorrow. She thinks of Neil’s deceive. Neela and Neil aim to ruin Vidyut and drive him to the core that he accepts his crime of murdering Juhi and framing Avni. Neil wants to save Avni from Vidyut.


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