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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Pihu requests Raman not to send her away to the boarding. Raman assures Pihu that he will always keep Pihu with the family. Simmi instigates him and asks him to send Pihu to the boarding school for her safety. She asks him to keep Ishita away from Pihu, as Pihu fell in danger because of Ishita. She asks him to think how Pihu got kidnapped when the culprit wanted to take revenge from Ishita. Raman fears for Pihu’s life and allows Simmi to go to the boarding.


    Shivay meets the officer to get his work done. He gets the documents his way. He asks the officer to complain to the police about his black money. He teaches a lesson to the man, and shows his SSO attitude. Anika sees someone in her house. She follows the person to know, but misses to see her. Shivay comes home and finds Anika too scared. Anika reveals to him about someone’s presence. Shivay and Anika get sure of someone around. They look for the woman, but don’t reach her. They find a little cat. He asks Anika not to worry, as its just a little cat. He jokes that she now has a cat to give her company in his absence. Anika feels scared to live alone. She tells him that she misses the family, its tough for her to live alone.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Ahana misses her dad. She thinks of his words and realizes she has to go ahead in her motives. She doesn’t want to forget her aim. She makes a promise to herself that she will not let her marriage break. She vows to become a good wife. She decides to win Roshni and Aarav’s trust. She doesn’t want to lose Anant at any cost. Roshni asks Anant to permit her to meet her friend. Anant refuses to her, which turns her upset. Anant thinks to meet Rehaan and call him back. Anant meets Rehaan. He asks him to come back home for everyone’s sake. Rehaan gets glad that Anant called him back. He tells Anant that he will come once his studies finish. Anant asks him to come home and finish studies. He invites him for lunch at Laila’s house. He wants Rehaan to complete his family. Rehaan accepts his invite.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami confronts Satrupa for hiding Lakshya’s drawing. Satrupa cooks an instant story and fools Anami. She finds it tough to lie to Anami, but she doesn’t want to lose Anami. Anami checks Satrupa’s car and doesn’t get any clue. She doesn’t understand what kidnapper wants to do. Satrupa tells her that she didn’t get Lakshya, but his drawing proves that he is fine. Anami shares the matter with Adhiraj. She tells him that Lakshya is fine and happy, that’s why he has happily made a cheerful drawing. Adhiraj gets suspicious about Satrupa. She thinks if Satrupa has kidnapped Lakshya and kept him away from the family. She tells him how much Lakshya is influenced by Satrupa. He doesn’t understand her motives behind this.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga locks Sanjay’s family in a room. She shocks Sanjay by showing him the live video of his house destruction done by her dad’s hands. She asks him to realize the pain he wanted to give her. Sanjay gets angry and helpless. She takes another time and sets his house on fire. Gayatri and Neelkant ask Sanjay to stop Durga’s madness. Sanjay gives in and stops Durga from burning his house. She asks him to get a stay order and save her house. She makes him run on her commands.

    Sanjay gets helpless and rushes to save Durga’s house, so that she spares his house. He doesn’t want his house to get ruined. He thinks of taking revenge from Durga by some other way. Sanjay manages to get the stay orders. He comes home and gives the documents to Durga. He sees his house appearing normal and wonders how did Durga fool him. Durga tells him that she didn’t ruin his house, as she couldn’t fall to his level. Sanjay’s parents too get relieved seeing their house fine. Sanjay gets confused.

    Durga outsmarts him yet again. She tells him how she has just ruined the storeroom to scare him and get her motives fulfilled. Durga reminds them that she didn’t ruin their house as she knows the worth of a house, which holds people’s sentiments and memories. Durga tries to give some sense to Sanjay. She asks him to not to hurt her family. Yashpal is glad that his house got saved. He tells Sanjay that they will return to their house now. Sanjay threatens them again. He gets determined to create new troubles for her.


    Satya succeeds to captivate Susheel and her family by his Shiv avatar. The family gets much happy seeing Satya as Shiv ji. They get mistaken that Satya has come to see Susheel. Satya goes to change his clothes. He doesn’t see Susheel in the room. He changes his clothes and gets tricked by a statue in Susheel’s place. He then gets a huge shock seeing a statue. He feels her family is really strange. He thinks to get friendly with her and impress her. He helps her in getting ready and acts as her friend. He keeps her secret. The family learns about Susheel and her uncles’ trick to fill in Susheel’s absence.

    The elders get angry know about Susheel’s dance performance in the competition. Everyone comes forward to save Susheel. Satya sees her united family. He too contributes in the drama and supports Susheel, telling them how much proud he feels of her. Meanwhile, Leela gets angry seeing Susheel with Satya. Satya tries hard to become her friend. He turns sweet and saves Susheel from the elders’ anger. He praises Susheel and her family, impressing them and winning hearts. Satya and Susheel share their trophy. Susheel gets glad by his gestures. The family forgives Susheel for hiding everything. Satya gets stubborn to win the bet any how.


    Naira and Kartik ask Suwarna to stay hopeful that Manish will celebrate their anniversary. Dadi worries that Naira’s plan can get the family insulted. The guests start asking Suwarna about Manish. Manish makes his presence known by his special song for Suwarna. Manish apologizes to Suwarna in front of everyone. He feels lucky to get a life partner like Suwarna. He understands her sacrifice. He tells her that he can’t live without her, and she means a world to him. Suwarna gets glad that he has forgiven her. Naira and Kartik bring happiness in everyone’s lives. Manish and Suwarna celebrate with the entire family. The family dance and have a good time. Aryan feels lonely.


    Avni protects everyone from the bad doers in the jail. Monica keeps an eye on Avni and thinks how does Avni control everyone, what’s special in her. She tries to know more about Avni. She asks the girls about Avni. She wants to know what’s Avni’s past, how did she land in jail. The girls tell Monica about Avni, who rescued the needy from trouble creators. She says Avni taught us to create stuff and sell to earn a living, Avni practices fighting and meditates in her cell. Monica gets confused knowing about Avni’s behavior. Avni gets to see Neil on tv news and recalls the past. She feels hurt, still thinking that Neil doesn’t believe her.


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