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Ek Deewana Tha:
Shiv is ready to do anything to get Sharanya. He doesn’t want anyone to come between Sharanya and him. Sharanya’s dad learns the risk on Sharanya’s life. Before he could reach her to alert, Shiv kills him. Sharanya challenges Shiv to cross the pure fire and stop her marriage with Vyom if he can. Shiv fails to step in the fire ring, while Sharanya and Vyom get married. Shiv turns mad for revenge.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jhanvi wants to save Babasa. She bribes Priya and seeks her help to prove Nisha’s crimes. Jhanvi fails to make Nisha admit her crimes. Jhanvi and Arjun learn Babasa’s critical state. Arjun scolds Nisha for giving poison to Babasa. He orders her to give antidote to Babasa. Nisha doesn’t agree to him. Nisha wants the property from Babasa. She asks Jhanvi to get the property papers signed by Babasa if she wants to see him fine. Jhanvi asks Babasa to sign the papers. She tells Arjun about Nisha’s condition. Arjun gets angry seeing Nisha’s devilish side.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan makes Diya wear the ring in a unique way. They get engaged to fool the family. Ratan gifts jewelry to Diya, as she is his best friend. He says our engagement was fake, but this jewelry is real, I m sure you will like this jewelry. He knows every girl likes jewelry. She likes the jewelry set a lot. She asks him did he really get the gift for her. He says I want to see how these earrings will look on your ears, instead the regular bluetooth. Ratan adorns Diya with the jewelry. They have cute moments. Ratan makes her emotional.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren saves Pooja from the angry crowd. The men call her mad and tease her. Naren fights with them. He asks them not to dare touch his wife. The people hit Naren with the stones and hurt him. Pooja takes revenge from the men by beating them up. Naren gets to see Pooja in the act. He takes her with him. Pooja tells her next wish to him. Naren promises to fulfill all her wishes.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira gets married to Vijay. Vijay gets upset with Mandira’s bride swapping move. He confronts Mandira for cheating him. Mandira tells Vijay that she has cheated her before. He gets worried for Anant and Bulbul. Mandira tells Vijay that she can never lose out her love. Everyone gets a big shock with the cross marriages.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma and Kanak have come close after he called off his marriage with Paulmi. Paulmi tells everyone that she will leave the house, she regrets to come between Uma and Kanak, she won’t be right if she stays with them in same house. She apologizes to Kanak. Kanak asks Paulmi not to apologize, as it was not her mistake. Uma sends off Paulmi.


Preeto eats golgappas on Soumya’s insistence. She doesn’t like the extra spice and starts coughing. Harman runs to give her water. Harman can’t see Preeto in any problem. His annoyance and anger goes down when he sees Preeto needing care. Preeto’s pain flows out by her tears. Soumya gets glad seeing mum-son union. She knew Harman’s true happiness will return when he lightens his heart by forgiving Preeto.

Imli gets angry when Bhuvan and Kasturi speak against her. She gets jealous of Chakor for winning their parents. She feels Kasturi loves Chakor more than her. On the other hand, Ranvijay mixes some drugs in the food. He tells Imli that people will fall ill after having food and then they will need their doctors. Imli asks Suraj to give the food only to grown ups. Suraj offers the food to everyone, except Chakor. He saves her life by not letting her eat the food. Chakor doesn’t realize why Suraj stopped her from eating the drugged food. Imli asks Suraj to keep Chakor away from puja and medical camp. Chakor worries that food has something mixed. She tries to stop them from consuming food.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash hears Jayant asking Vidhaan to confess love to Niyati in a filmi way, as girls like sujch surprises. Suyash decides to confess his feelings to Falguni. Suyash and Falguni have a football challenge. Falguni then challenges him for a hopscotch game. Falguni doesn’t tell him about signing the agreement at Uttara’s place. He has no idea that Niyati is marrying his brother. Uttara invites Falguni and Niyati for a function. Niyati gets ready with many hopes. Uttara plans to shower gifts on her, with an aim to divide Falguni and Niyati. Falguni gets emotional when she gets her mum’s bridal saree for Niyati.


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