Naren suspects Pooja’s alertness in Piyaa Albela

Pooja tries to find Naren

Naren saves Pooja from the angry crowd. The men call her mad and tease her. Naren fights with them. He asks them not to dare touch his wife. The people hit Naren with the stones and hurt him. Pooja takes revenge from the men by beating them up. Naren gets to see Pooja in the act. He takes her with him. Pooja tells her next wish to him. Naren promises to fulfill all her wishes.

Pooja and Naren have a magical date. Naren takes her to a magical world. He promised her that he will show her magic. He turns into a magician and shows the tricks to her. He wants to get Pooja treated by a doctor, who comes there in disguise of a magician. Pooja is very happy. Naren introduces the doctor as his friend. Naren knows Pooja will never go to the doctor if he asks her. Pooja gets alert seeing the doctor. She gets adamant and refuses to play. She asks Naren to take her home. Naren suspects if Pooja has lost her memory or not. Pooja is acting to lose her mental balance only for a purpose. She hides the big reason from Naren. Pooja is happy to see Naren’s true love.

Naren loves her a lot. He tells her that her friend loves her a lot. He makes her wear a ring and dances with her. Pooja gets emotional. Naren’s gesture touches her heart. She starts admiring him more. She hugs him and tells Naren that he is her love, her world. She recalls what all Naren did to fulfill her wishes. Naren gets a shock seeing her talk normally. He asks Pooja is she fine, was she acting till now, was this a drama. He asks her the reason, why she has played with their emotions till now. Naren wants her to stay happy always. He takes care of Pooja, knowing she can fall in troubles if she gets away from him. Naren is doing everything for Pooja’s sake. Will Pooja share her plan with Naren? Keep reading.


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