Soumya finally unites Preeto-Harman in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Soumya tries to unite Harman and Preeto. She takes them out for shopping. Preeto eats golgappas on Soumya’s insistence. She doesn’t like the extra spice and starts coughing. Harman runs to give her water. Harman can’t see Preeto in any problem. His annoyance and anger goes down when he sees Preeto needing care. Harman doesn’t talk to Preeto. Soumya tries many things. Soumya then takes them to the park. Preeto tells Soumya about Harman’s childhood. Harman gets smiling hearing his childhood stories. Soumya asks Preeto to slap Harman and end his adamancy like childhood.

Preeto’s pain flows out by her tears. Preeto says I will not slap him, he should punish me. Preeto asks Harman to beat her and vent out his anger. She asks him to forgive her. Harman doesn’t listen. Preeto sheds tears. Soumya asks him to forgive his mum once. Preeto says maybe I deserve this, why don’t you slap me. Harman melts his heart and hugs Preeto. They cry and get emotional. Preeto happily hugs Soumya. She thanks Soumya for uniting Harman and her. Soumya gets glad seeing mum-son union. She knew Harman’s true happiness will return when he lightens his heart by forgiving Preeto.


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