Satya to reveal his fraud to Susheel in Ikyawann


Satya tells Leela that he is impressing Susheel just to break her heart. Leela is angered as Susheel has hurt Satya before. He wants to see Susheel’s pride shattering. Satya mocks love and plays a game with Susheel, who really falls in love with him. She doesn’t know about Satya’s bet to turn love into a game. Satya too changes his heart and decides to apologize to Susheel.

Satya is going to confess all his mistakes in front of Susheel. He takes her for an icecream date. He tries hard to tell her his planning. He had planned to win her heart and cheat her in love, so that he can break her heart. Satya changes his mind. He tells her that he had a bet with his friends, he wanted to make her suffer from a heartbreak. Satya’s truth doesn’t come out in front of her. He expresses his feelings to her. When he confesses everything, Susheel doesn’t pay attention to him and runs to save a girl, who is about to get hit by a truck. Susheel saves the girl by her bravery. She gets hurt. Satya worries for Susheel and runs after her. Satya feels proud of her. She misses to learn his truth. He loses courage to tell everything to Susheel all over again.


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