Shivika to sense a stranger’s presence in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Shivay meets the officer to get his work done. He gets the documents his way. He asks the officer to complain to the police about his black money. He teaches a lesson to the man, and shows his SSO attitude. Anika sees someone in her house. She follows the person to know, but misses to see her. Shivay comes home and finds Anika too scared. Anika reveals to him about someone’s presence. Shivay and Anika get sure of someone around. They look for the woman, but don’t reach her.

They find a little cat. He asks Anika not to worry, as its just a little cat. He jokes that she now has a cat to give her company in his absence. Anika feels scared to live alone. She tells him that she misses the family, its tough for her to live alone. He asks her what can he do, he has to go out and work. She tells him that this house can’t become their home without their family. She cries out her pain. He gets helpless seeing her tears. She doesn’t want to stay away from her roots. Shivay decides to cheer her up by singing a romantic song.


Shivay and Anika sing and try to get happiness in small moments. Shivay asks her to stay safe at home, till he does his work and comes back. He asks her to keep some good name for the cat. She thinks of some names. Anika gets a call from Gauri. She gets a sad news about Oberoi family’s division. Gauri tells her how the elders divided the family in no time. Anika gets worried knowing the situation got worse in Shivay’s absence. She asks Gauri to look after Dadi. She decides to inform Shivay and sort the matter.

Shivay reaches the place to see his land. Some local goons stop him and tear the legal documents to send him away. Shivay gets into SSO mode again. The goons challenge him for a cricket game, to which he readily agrees. Shivay shows his sports skills to them and wins the challenge. He makes the goons vacate the land. Omkara gets disheartened knowing about the house division. He thinks the elders’ hatred will fail the love between the brothers. He feels lost by his own parents. Gauri and Omkara shed tears and miss Shivika.


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