Aryan attempts to gain recognition in Yeh Rishta…


Aryan discloses his identity to the guests. He surprises everyone by revealing his real roots, that he belongs to the Goenka family. Dadi worries that their family will become a topic of fun in the society. Aryan reveals that he is Manish and Suwarna’s son. Kartik and Naira try their best to manage Aryan’s deed. Kartik introduces Aryan as his brother. Naira tells them that they are lucky to get Aryan back, as he has completed their family. The guests congratulate Manish and Suwarna for having such good children.

The anniversary party ends well. Naksh and Kirti congratulate Goenkas. Everyone expects Manish and Suwarna to stay united. Aryan gets upset when the family praises Kartik and Naira again. Manish and Suwarna plan to make Aryan accept them heartily. They think he needs time to accept them. They all try to show their concern to him. Kartik and Naira think of some ideas, by which they can win Aryan’s heart. Manish and Suwarna get caring for Aryan. Manish supports her in sorrow. He is sure that Aryan will understand their love.

Naira and Kartik’s cute arguments go on. They suggest Manish to make tea for Suwarna. Manish tells them that he didn’t make tea before. Kartik doesn’t want Manish to spoil Suwarna’s morning by a bad tea. He makes the tea and sets flowers to cheer up Suwarna. Dadi does not like Kartik cooking instead Naira. She feels Naira always takes advantage of Kartik’s love. Suwarna gets glad by Manish and Kartik’s surprise. He tells her that Kartik and Aryan didn’t become of them completely. She tells him that time will bring their sons closer. Kartik and Naira make a plan to cheer up the entire family. They are sure the lunch plan will relax everyone’s stress. Raghav spies on Goenkas. He reaches close to Kartik to manipulate him again. Kartik doesn’t want to take any risk.


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