Purushottam attempts to kill Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami tells everyone about the kidnapper’s call. Anami worries for Lakshya. She decides to go alone and meet the kidnapper, so that she can free Lakshya. Satrupa doesn’t let her go alone. The family assures her that they will get Lakshya back. Satrupa confirms if Lakshya is gone out of her hands. Pujan spies on Satrupa and learns about Lakshya. She denies to know anything about Lakshya. He tells him that others are also missing from Lal Mahal. She finds him doubting her and thinks to do something before she gets caught. She asks him to mind his own business. Purushottam decides to kidnap Lakshya. He makes a plan with Sudha to target Anami.

Anami calls up Adhiraj to inform him about Purushottam. He asks her not to go alone. He assures to support her, without risking Lakshya’s life. Satrupa decides to end the chapter by taking Lakshya home. She thinks its time Anami and Lakshya should unite. Adhiraj and Anami trace Purushottam and get his location. Sudha leaves from Lal Mahal, in an attempt to help her brother. Satrupa leaves with Lakshya. Purushottam targets her on the way. He tells Satrupa that this time he will abduct her. He feels she can’t save Lakshya from him now. Adhiraj and Anami reach Purushottam and find Satrupa at his gun point.

Purushottam feels overconfident and asks Satrupa about Narottam. He asks her to return Narottam to him if she wants to be alive. He asks her to break her silence. Satrupa doesn’t get scared of him. Purushottam decides to pay back the troubles to Satrupa. He asks the goons to take away Satrupa.

Lakshya gets scared seeing the goons. Satrupa pacifies Lakshya and assures her support. Adhiraj calls his team to catch Purushottam red handed. Pujan finds Sudha sneaking out and follows her. Purushottam scares Lakshya by risking his life. Adhiraj gets into action and fights with the goons to save Lakshya. Anami manages to meet Lakshya. Satrupa gets surrounded by her questions. Purushottam gets glad finding Anami and Adhiraj there. He thinks they saved his time by coming to die on their own. Purushottam catches Adhiraj. He proceeds to kill Anami. Adhiraj fights with him, while Satrupa safeguards Anami and Lakshya. Sudha manages to save her brother from Adhiraj. She gets exposed in front of Satrupa and Anami. Purushottam gets determined to kill Anami. He succeeds to nab Anami and Adhiraj again. Pujan reaches the place to know about Sudha and Purushottam’s plan. Sudha gets another evil plan to secure her place in Lal Mahal.


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