Avni’s prison breaking step fails in Naamkarann


Avni gets help by Ali. He meets her in jail while delivering the catering order. Ali communicates with Avni via the food. Avni and Ali make a plan to break the prison. He helps her in sketching the escape route. Avni works out her plan. Avni finds Monica hurting someone. Avni gets into a fight with Monica. She gives her a shock by hurting herself. She asks Monica to think of a plan to fail her. Monica gets tensed seeing her madness. She falls in trouble. She gets caught by jailer. Avni traps Monica and proceeds in her plan to go through the tunnel. She calculates her moves to escape.

Neela and Neil make a plan to ruin Vidyut’s consignment. Neil finds the plan risky. He doesn’t want to risk her life. Neil learns Avni got hurt in jail. He decides to meet Avni in jail. Neela stops him and asks him to meet Vidyut, so that he can prove he is not Neo. Vidyut calls Neil to remind his duty. Neela goes to meet Avni and know her welfare. Neil feels its his test today, as he is doing everything for Avni. He thinks to manage his plan himself.

Avni escapes from the tunnel route. She is sure Ali would be waiting for her at the exit point. Neil is also at the same place. He meets Vidyut and assures him that he will catch Neo. Vidyut tries to keep an eye on Neil, so that Neil can’t take Neo’s disguise. Ali gets worried seeing the police at exit point. He tries to stop Avni from getting caught. He doesn’t know how to inform Avni. Ali hides from the police. Neil fails to do anything. He thinks he would be failing in front of Vidyut tonight. Avni is sure that she will get her freedom today. Vidyut fails Neil’s planning. Avni sees the police and gets back.


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