Ishita to break entire truth to Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Ishita loses her cool when Simmi keeps her away from Pihu. She confronts Simmi about Pihu. She asks Simmi to tell her where is Pihu. Simmi reminds that she is Pihu’s guardian, and she will take care of her now. Ishita asks her to stop the drama and tell about Pihu. Raman finds Ishita getting on their head. He thanks her for saving Pihu, and makes it clear that she isn’t related to Pihu. He asks her to stay away from his daughter. Ishita thinks its time she should tell Raman about their relation, as Simmi is taking advantage of her silence. Ishita tells him that Pihu is their daughter.

Raman refuses to believe that she is his wife. He slaps her and asks her to get out. Simmi gets glad that Raman didn’t believe Ishita. Raman asks Ishita not to come home with any nonsense. He warns her to stay away from his family. Ishita feels shattered when he refuses to believe their relation.

Shagun feels Raman has a right to know the truth. She feels sorry for Ishita. She asks Bhallas why didn’t they tell truth to Raman. Bhallas don’t have any belief in Ishita now. Shagun sees Simmi dominating the family. Simmi asks Shagun to stay away from their family matter. Ishita feels injustice is happening with her. Shagun consoles Ishita’s sorrow. Ishita tells Shagun about Simmi ruining Raman’s life. Shagun gets a big shock knowing Simmi and Parmeet’s evil. Ishita reveals about Ashok helping her throughout. Shagun can’t believe Simmi is taking revenge from them. Shagun decides to help Ishita. She promises to find Pihu and make her meet Ishita.

Ishita stays hopeful. She contacts Ashok for help. Shagun gets her to the award ceremony. She asks Ishita to be positive. Ishita gets felicitated, along with Raman. Ishita tries to prove that Raman doesn’t deserve the award, since he doesn’t qualify as a good family man. She provokes him to know Pihu’s school name. She thinks she can find Pihu only by Raman’s help. Elsewhere, Romi finds Parmeet meeting some stranger. He tries to follow Parmeet and know about his secret. Romi gets close to know about Nikhil. Romi spots Nikhil and reveals the news to Ruhi.


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