Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra’s devotional love for Shivay

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Shivay gets the challenge of batting the three tough bowling serves. He manages to strike well and hit the goons. He passes the challenge and asks the men to vacate the land as soon as possible. Anika hurries to tell Shivay about the family breaking. She fails to contact him. After Shivay leaves, Anika reaches the plot to find him. The goons learn she is Shivay’s wife and catch her to take revenge. Shivay comes home and looks for Anika. He learns she has gone out to find him. He gets a shock on finding her hurt.

Anika reveals to him how the goons troubled her to take revenge from him. Anika tells him how she ran for her life and got hurt. Shivay gets angry that Anika got hurt, since she means his pride and life. He goes to teach a lesson to the fraud occupants on his land. Shivay and Anika get back and scare the goons. They get stretchers and ambulance to send the goons to the hospital. Shivay beats up the goons. Shivay gets injured during the fight. Anika worriedly rushes to him.

Tej and Pinky have an argument. Tej hates everything brought home by Shivay. He dumps and ruins everything got by Shivay. Dadi gets another shock by Tej. Dadi asks Tej to at least think of his sons’ emotions and end the matter. Tej’s hatred for Shivay increases. Omkara and Rudra get Shivay’s memories, which mean to them a lot. They ask Tej to erase the memories if he can. Tej gets provoked and burns up the memories.

Rudra tells Tej that he never got his parents’ love in childhood, all he had was his elder brother. Tej doesn’t want his sons to chant Shivay’s name forever. Omkara and Rudra tell Tej that he can never remove Shivay from their hearts. Tej is ready to burn the entire house to end Shivay’s identity in the family. Omkara and Rudra get their hands burnt while saving Shivay’s souvenirs. Omkara tells Tej that no matter how much he tries, he can never separate Shivay from them.


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