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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami tells everyone about the kidnapper’s call. Anami worries for Lakshya. She decides to go alone and meet the kidnapper, so that she can free Lakshya. Satrupa doesn’t let her go alone. The family assures her that they will get Lakshya back. Satrupa confirms if Lakshya is gone out of her hands. Pujan spies on Satrupa and learns about Lakshya. She denies to know anything about Lakshya. He tells him that others are also missing from Lal Mahal. She finds him doubting her and thinks to do something before she gets caught. She asks him to mind his own business. Purushottam decides to kidnap Lakshya. He makes a plan with Sudha to target Anami.


    Aryan discloses his identity to the guests. He surprises everyone by revealing his real roots, that he belongs to the Goenka family. Dadi worries that their family will become a topic of fun in the society. Aryan reveals that he is Manish and Suwarna’s son. Kartik and Naira try their best to manage Aryan’s deed. Kartik introduces Aryan as his brother. Naira tells them that they are lucky to get Aryan back, as he has completed their family. The guests congratulate Manish and Suwarna for having such good children.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga tells Sanjay that she will get victory in her side any way, he can never fail her. Aarti and her dad get upset with Sanjay. Sanjay tries to defend himself. He promises that he will complete the project. Durga taunts him on his lies. Sanjay decides to meet him and explain the situation.

    Sanjay angrily shuts up Durga by tying her. He promises to break her pride at any cost. Durga takes his warnings light. She thinks Sanjay will need time to plan anything against her. Durga’s family comes home. They get emotional seeing the house broken. Yashpal feels Durga has worked hard for them. He wishes she wins the race, so that her name gets cleared from all the stains. He wants Durga to win anyhow. Rajveer feels Gayatri will not let Durga win. He worries for Durga’s victory.

    Sanjay meets Aarti and her dad, and faces their wrath. Aarti’s dad can’t face the business losses. He scolds Sanjay for cancelling the project without taking his consent. Gayatri worries that Sanjay can fall in risk because of Durga. She warns Durga. Durga learns Aarti’s dad can hurt Sanjay. She worries for his life.

    Sanjay promises Aarti’s dad that he will make everything fine. Yashpal gets stalked by someone in the market. He gets to identify the person and gets terribly scared. He fears his past can come out in open. Yashpal avoids the man, who looks for him everywhere in the village. Neelkant and Gayatri fear Sanjay can fall in deep trouble. Yashpal faces his fear when the man reaches him. Yashpal runs home and hides his worry from everyone. Durga thinks to visit Aarti’s place to know about Sanjay.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita loses her cool when Simmi keeps her away from Pihu. She confronts Simmi about Pihu. She asks Simmi to tell her where is Pihu. Simmi reminds that she is Pihu’s guardian, and she will take care of her now. Ishita asks her to stop the drama and tell about Pihu. Raman finds Ishita getting on their head. He thanks her for saving Pihu, and makes it clear that she isn’t related to Pihu. He asks her to stay away from his daughter. Ishita thinks its time she should tell Raman about their relation, as Simmi is taking advantage of her silence. Ishita tells him that Pihu is their daughter.


    Avni gets help by Ali. He meets her in jail while delivering the catering order. Ali communicates with Avni via the food. Avni and Ali make a plan to break the prison. He helps her in sketching the escape route. Avni works out her plan. Avni finds Monica hurting someone. Avni gets into a fight with Monica. She gives her a shock by hurting herself. She asks Monica to think of a plan to fail her. Monica gets tensed seeing her madness. She falls in trouble. She gets caught by jailer. Avni traps Monica and proceeds in her plan to go through the tunnel. She calculates her moves to escape.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:
    Roshni parties with her boyfriend. Rehaan happens to come to the same pub. He finds Roshni there. He didn’t expect her to lie to Anant and come to the pub. He learns Roshni has a boyfriend. Rehaan gets into a fight with her boyfriend. He gets Roshni out of the pub. He asks her how could she come to the pub by lying to Anant. She tells him that Ahana convinced Anant to send her out. He explains her that Ahana wants Anant to be away from his children. He asks her not to get distant from Anant, as this will mean Ahana is succeeding in her plans. Rehaan decides to drop Roshni to her friend’s house.

    Rehaan starts imagining Ahana. He gets worried by his growing feelings. Ahana decides to make her marriage a success. She feels Roshni is similar to her. She feels Anant’s family is really good. Ahana bonds with the family. Rehaan worries when he sees Ahana around. He fears to face her, knowing he can’t control his feelings. He tries to avoid going home. Rehaan joins everyone at Laila’s place. Laila tries to secure Ahana’s marriage. Rehaan feels Ahana’s goodness is just a drama. Aarav asks her to become his mum, which makes her too emotional. Ahana finds a new happiness in her life. Laila thanks Rehaan for not telling Anant about Ahana. She tells him that he did the right thing to choose Anant’s happiness. Rehaan tells her that he will surely reveal the truth to Anant. Rehaan and Roshni make a plan to tell Ahana’s secrets to Anant.


    Shivay gets the challenge of batting the three tough bowling serves. He manages to strike well and hit the goons. He passes the challenge and asks the men to vacate the land as soon as possible. Anika hurries to tell Shivay about the family breaking. She fails to contact him. After Shivay leaves, Anika reaches the plot to find him. The goons learn she is Shivay’s wife and catch her to take revenge. Shivay comes home and looks for Anika. He learns she has gone out to find him. He gets a shock on finding her hurt.


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