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Shakti: Harman doesn’t want Soumya to go away. She tells him that Raavi didn’t had food till now, she is much upset, I will take food for her. Harman angrily breaks the glass. He tells her that she makes him much upset, she cares for everyone, except him. She tells him that his family is her family, who will take care of them if she doesn’t do. Soumya sings a song to convince Harman. She doesn’t want Harman to stay annoyed. Harman enjoys her song and acts more annoyed to make her romance further. He tells her that everyone is same in the house, I m fed up of Raavi and Balwinder’s drama. She says Balwinder was lying to Raavi, her reaction was true. She tells Harman how much she loves him. She says my life is incomplete without you, you are my world, I enjoy even your sweet scoldings. She hugs him. Harman gets glad by her romantic side. They spend some good time.



Imli plays a game to make Suraj against Chakor. She plans to make people sick by the drugs. She wants to take Chakor’s life too. She doesn’t like Chakor interfering in her work. Imli acts poison in the thandai. She wants Chakor to have the special thandai. Ranvijay likes her move. Imli tells him that she has done all the work. She asks the men not to inform Suraj about this, he shouldn’t know this truth. Imli wants Chakor to get off her way. Suraj gets the thandai to serve Chakor. He doesn’t know Imli’s plan is to kill Chakor. Imli is using Suraj as his puppet.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:

Tejaswini gets glad to know about her pregnancy. She decorates her room with baby’s pictures and toys. She gets a cradle and adorns it with love. She is going to experience a new phase in her life. She has to give the good news to Prem. She waits for Prem’s return. She wants to share her happiness with him. She talks to Prem’s picture and imagines his happy reaction. She doesn’t know that Rajbeer is manipulating Prem. Rajbeer lies to Prem that its his child. Tejaswini’s happiness sinks down by Prem’s anger and disbelief.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

After everything gets fine in Goenka house, they have a fun event. Dadi plays a game to find the perfect jodi. Naksh-Kirti, Kartik-Naira, Manish-Suwarna take part in the fun game. Dadi tests their compatibility and relation’s strength by questioning them. While Manish-Kirti and Naksh-Kirti fail in few things, Kartik-Naira come out as the winners. Raghav comes to the Goenka house to reveal his past with Naira. He doesn’t forget the memories of Rishikesh, unlike her. He makes an appearance to tense her.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer gifts jewelry to Sanjana. She gets glad by his surprise. He apologizes to her. He tells her that it was his mistake that he argued with her on the accident day. Sanjana shows her gift to everyone. Some girl enters the house. She has a motive to get the magical box. She calls her aide to make a plan to get the box. Sanjana sees her and shouts to call everyone. Sanjana collides with her. The girl manages to run away.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia gets the papers signed by Babasa. Nisha gets confident and asks Jia to take Babasa along before leaving. Jia manages to fool Nisha and swaps the documents. She makes Nisha realize the truth. Nisha gets defeated by Jia again. Arjun and Jia have a cute moment. He corners her to talk about Nisha. Jia slips in her past with Aditya. Nisha comes to the kitchen. Arjun and Jia hide from her. Jia loves Arjun. She doesn’t know if Arjun loves her. Nisha vents out anger on Chirag and asks him to find out Arjun.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti feels bad seeing Ahaan singing in a marriage function. Pankti’s freedom is very valuable to him. He is giving tests to make his love win. Ahaan manages to get the money from Monty, but JD sends some goons to steal Ahaan’s hard earned money. JD doesn’t want Ahaan to qualify in the condition. Pankti witnesses the theft and worries for Ahaan.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Anami is very happy that Lakshya has come back home. She pampers him. She tells him that he has come back before his birthday, and this is really great. She tells Lakshya that everything will happen as he wants. She wants to fulfill all his wishes. Her happiness has returned by his return. She wants to find out who had kidnapped Lakshya. She sees Lakshya bonding with Satrupa. She keeps an eye on him. She doesn’t want him to fall in risk. Anami looks for some perfect clothes for Lakshya. Satrupa gets clothes for him. Lakshya likes the outfit and tells Anami that he will wear this one. Anami and Satrupa show attitude to each other. They were getting close because of Lakshya. Anami doubts that either of Sudha and Satrupa has kidnapped Lakshya. Satrupa compliments Lakshya. Anami gets jealous seeing their bonding. Satrupa plans a party for him.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya and Ratan have a cute moment. She forgets to knock the door and enters his room. She feels awkward seeing him changing. He pulls her leg and asks her how could she come like that. She tells him that she was much tensed about the arrangements, and just forgot to knock. She goes out of the door to avoid him. She asks him to come downstairs soon. Ratan laughs on her shyness. She asks him to find a cheesy girlfriend like himself. She jokes on Ratan’s so called cool attitude, which doesn’t go well with her.


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