A mysterious attack on Anika worries Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz New entry brings troubles for Anika

Tia puts false accusations on Gauri. Tia plays the next move. She doesn’t want Gauri to get Shivay and Anika back. Tia has taken Tej into confidence. She acts as his well-wisher. Shwetlana and Tia had joined hands and made the impossible thing accomplish. They have made Oberois kick out Shivay from their house. Tej got manipulated by them. Tia feels Tej can get into her words and do anything she wants. Shivay and Anika have gone on their so called vanvaas/exile. Gauri comes to Tia’s room and sees her living normally. Gauri doubts on Tia that she is acting to be blind. Tia acts in front of her. Gauri says you can see everything, you didn’t collide with me, it means you are acting, you came here as a guest, but I feel you came here to settle down, don’t you feel bad to take advantage of someone’s goodness. She asks Tia to go to her own house. Tia sees her plan failing. Tia screams and blames Gauri for attacking her.

Gauri learns Tia’s drama. She realizes Tia is negative. Tej asks Tia what’s the matter. Tia tells him that Gauri has hurt her. Tej believes Tia. He yells on Gauri. He reminds her that Tia lost her eyesight because of Shivay. Gauri tells him that Tia is lying, her eyesight is fine. Tej doesn’t listen to her. He asks Omkara to take Gauri away. Gauri doesn’t lose to Tia. She calls a doctor to get Tia checked.


Doctor tells them that Tia has lost her eyesight, but he can check Tia’s eyes well when they get her to hospital. Omkara and Gauri ask some way to get Tia’s eyesight back. Tej gets furious seeing the doctor. He asks why did they call the doctor. Omkara says Gauri wanted to get second opinion. Tej asks them what was the need to call him. Tia tells him that Gauri feels she is acting to be blind, else there was no need to consult any other doctor, when her family doctor is already treating her. Gauri apologizes. Tej asks Gauri why is she after Tia, when she can see Tia is suffering so much. Tej and Jhanvi support Tia. Gauri’s doubt on Tia doesn’t get cleared. Omkara takes a stand for Gauri. Tia and Shwetlana rule on Oberoi family by their manipulations.

On the other hand, Shivay and Anika romance and have a good time in their new home. A woman wants to hurt Anika. She keeps an eye on Shivay and Anika. She spoils their happiness by scaring Anika. Anika finds a strange portion in the house. She feels weird when she goes to the locked room. She falls in quicksand. Shivay saves Anika by risking his life. They both get hurt. She tells him about the strange things happening around. They get caring and apply ointment to each other. He doesn’t want to try any home remedies.

Anika tells him about his chawl doctor. He refuses to have it. She catches cold. He hands over his medicine box to her. He asks her to have all the precautionary medicines. She refuses to have the medicines. She stays carefree. Their cute arguments go on. He puts her to sleep. She hears the bicycle bell rings and wakes up.

The woman gets a chance to hurt Anika again. She adds poison in Anika’s tea. Anika falls in danger and faints. Shivay gets a big shock on seeing her. Shivay gets worried for Anika’s life. He calls the hospital and informs the doctor about Anika’s state. Shivay will face the mysterious enemy. Shivay is waiting to counter the hidden enemy at home. There will be a new entry in the show. Will Shivay find the woman troubling them? Keep reading.


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