Uma fastens to save his true love in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Aditya drugs Kanak and kidnaps her. Uma gets restless thinking if Kanak is in any problem. He recalls Kanak and thinks of the seven vows he made to Kanak. Saraswati and Suman try to remind Uma his vows. They pray that Uma doesn’t end his relation with Kanak. They wish the marriage stops anyhow. Maasi gets glad when Uma prefers to keep his vow towards her. She feels Kanak will not succeed once Uma marries Paulmi. Aditya takes Kanak away from the house. Maasi learns Kanak went missing. She fears Aditya is creating troubles for himself by kidnapping Kanak. She asks the men to find Kanak. Uma and Paulmi sit in the mandap, while the rituals of marriage begin.

Uma recalls his marriage with Kanak. He gets to see Kanak’s mangalsutra and feels something is wrong, as Kanak would never remove her mangalsutra by her will. Aditya troubles Kanak. Uma’s heart begins to rethink about Kanak. Aditya feels once Kanak dies, he will get free. He plans to kill her. He thinks to make her murder look like a suicide. Uma leaves from the mandap and goes in search of Kanak. Aditya hangs Kanak to the tree and waits to watch her dying. Uma gets numb thinking of losing Kanak forever. Kanak has a belief that Uma will surely come for her rescue.


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