Durga gets heartbroken with Sanjay’s worst deceive


Durga looks for Sanjay and reaches Aarti’s house. She threatens Aarti’s dad and tries to know about Sanjay. She thinks she can protect Sanjay and take him home. She learns Sanjay left from there. She doesn’t get any clue to know about Sanjay. Sanjay’s friend informs her about Sanjay’s plan to visit his farmhouse. Durga follows the lead and proceeds to search for Sanjay. She reaches the farmhouse and gets a huge shock on learning Sanjay’s affair with Aarti. She cries on hearing his bitterness and hatred for her.

Sanjay confesses love to Aarti. He thanks Aarti for saving him from shattering. Durga shatters with the shocking revelation. Sanjay promises Aarti that he will throw out Durga from his wife and then marry Aarti. Durga’s sorrow gets high. She hides from Sanjay. Sanjay and Aarti feel Durga doesn’t deserve any happiness. Durga feels hurt seeing them romancing. She gets heartbroken. Sanjay informs Gayatri that he has made everything fine. He thinks his plan to break Durga will definitely work. Durga falls unconscious on the road. She falls in big trouble when some goons catch her.


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