YRKKH: Kartik learns a shocking fragment of Naira’s past


Kartik and Naira surprise everyone with the happy family lunch. The family really gets happy with Kaira’s move. Kartik tells them that they should celebrate their family unity and spend some time together. They invite Aryan for the lunch. Aryan feels out of place. He expresses his annoyance. He gets distanced from Manish too. Manish thanks him for coming for their sake. Raghav reaches Kartik to spoil his relation with Naira. He plans to present some shocking proof. Naksh gets disheartened knowing Kirti has hired a nurse for Bhabhimaa’s care. He refuses to keep the nurse. He feels Kirti should support him in elders’ care. Kirti fails to explain him. Kirti asks him to hire the nurse as they have medical knowledge. He tells her that elders need personal care from the family. He asks her to understand his family needs.

Manish gets hurt. Kartik cares for him and apologizes. Aryan gets angry and scolds Kartik for hurting Manish. Kartik prepares to do the aid to Manish’s burn. He gets to see Raghav around. He worries Raghav can come in front of the entire family. He keeps Raghav away from Naira.

Kartik manages to get the envelope from Naira. He happens to read Raghav’s letter and gets angry reading it. He can’t believe that Naira had undergone an abortion in Rishikesh. Kartik shatters knowing this truth. Raghav gets sure that this news will break Kartik and Naira’s relation. Kartik finds hard to hide the big sorrow from Naira. The family tries to settle Aryan into the family. Aryan gets arguing over Surekha’s taunts. He tells them that he doesn’t want to become part of the family lunch. Naira tries to manage Aryan’s annoyance. Kartik stays in his confusion. He doesn’t know what to ask Naira and how, as his step can break her heart. Kartik goes ahead and takes help from Suwarna. He reveals the matter to Suwarna, which shocks her. She trusts Naira and asks him what is his opinion on the matter. She asks him to have faith in Naira.


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