Anant to confront Ahana’s lies in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan gets worried thinking of the sorrow he has called upon in Anant’s life. Roshni asks him what is Anant’s reply. Rehaan asks her to leave him alone. She asks him to share the problem. He makes her out of his room. Ahana tries to bond with Roshni to know the reason of her anger and rudeness. Roshni doesn’t want to talk to Ahana. Ahana asks Roshni not to hurt Anant and her. Roshni warns Ahana against hurting Anant. Anant leaves from the house and thinks of Ahana. He feels shattered to know that Ahana has cheated him. Ahana waits for Anant to return. Shelly tells Laila that Rehaan has told everyone about Anant and Ahana’s marriage. Laila gets moved knowing Ahana’s marriage is in risk. Laila tries to meet Anant.

Ahana asks Rehaan about Anant. Laila and Ahana learn Anant left from the house in anger. Ahana tells Laila that Anant is not in office. Laila asks her if there was any discussion or argument between them. Ahana has no idea about Anant’s annoyance. Rehaan tells Laila that he has told the truth to Anant, as truth doesn’t hurt long term. He wants Anant to deal with his short sorrow and get fine. He scolds Laila for manipulating Anant’s life by using Ahana. He doesn’t want to forgive Laila and Anant.

Laila informs Ahana about Rehaan’s truth leaking move. She advises Ahana to refuse to Anant and lie to him to secure her marriage and future. She worries for Ahana. She asks Ahana to know her husband, his insecurities, beliefs and desires. Ahana feels guilty that she has lied to Anant. She tells Laila that she will say truth to Anant. Laila tells her that Anant will get away if she tells him the truth. She asks Ahana not to hurt Anant’s ego. She asks Ahana to say the right decision. She tells Ahana that her lie will become truth for Anant. Ahana reaches Anant at the lake side and tries to sort the differences. She wants to clear the matter to Anant, when he confronts Ahana. He asks her to say if Rehaan is saying true or not. Laila keeps an eye on them. She doesn’t wish Ahana to say the truth. Ahana fears to lose Anant forever.


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