Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to step in Madam ji’s dark world


Teni informs Parth and Bhanushali family about the dangerous human trader, Madam ji. She tells them that Madam ji runs a brothel, she has many contacts and influences around. She breaks the news that Madam ji has bought the baby. Teni gets hell bent to save the baby, but Parth gets doubtful. He recalls Rishabh’s warning that they will never see the baby again. Parth gets upset thinking of the huge trap. He promises the family that he will get the baby back. He doesn’t want Teni to risk her life. Teni tells him that he can’t do anything alone. She wants to enter into Madam ji’s world and find the baby. Teni gets ready to hide her identity and step in the dangerous world. Parth tries hard to stop Teni. He realizes Teni’s true concern for his child.

Teni learns that Madam ji has kidnapped her daughter. She comes to the brothel and meets Madam ji. She acts good and hugs Madam ji, acting cool and happy. She asks Madam ji to keep her on some work. She joins Madam ji as the dancer. Madam ji hires her, finding her pretty and willing to work. Teni has one motive, that’s to save her daughter from Madam ji’s place. Teni makes a plan to fool Madam ji and cross all hurdles. She is determined to save her child. She doesn’t care for anything. She risks her life and respect. Madam ji sends Teni to get ready and perform in evening. Teni tries to show she is happy and hides her intentions behind her smile.


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