Rehaan finally breaks his silence in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Anant learns that he has lost a big contract. He asks Tarun about the tender. Tarun tells him about Gupta’s move to bring a huge loss for them. Anant and Tarun meet Gupta. Anant confronts Gupta for bringing the loss for him if he had to take revenge from Tarun. He gets into an argument with Gupta. Gupta insults Tarun, while Anant praises Tarun for being loyal and strong. He tells Gupta that Tarun didn’t oppose Laila as he sees his future with Saloni. He promises Gupta that Tarun will work with him forever. He tells Gupta that he can celebrate his win without his son. He tries to make Gupta value family. Gupta feels Anant is a big fool.

Kavita gets a video of Roshni’s nightclub scene. She reveals it to Yamini to create trouble for Roshni. Yamini confronts Roshni and Rehaan. She gets angry on Roshni for lying to her. Rehaan defends Roshni. Yamini tells her that Anant will be deeply hurt knowing Roshni has stabbed his trust. Roshni apologizes and manages the matter. Ahana bonds with Aarav. She hopes to bond with Roshni as well. Roshni gets upset with Ahana again. She gets influenced by Rehaan’s opinion. Ahana tries to know what’s bothering Roshni. She asks Roshni to share what’s hurting her so much. She tries to get friendly, while Roshni refuses.

Ahana asks her to share her secrets. Roshni gets mistaken that Ahana has told the nightclub thing to Yamini. Roshni tells Rehaan how Ahana is creating trouble for her. She worries that Ahana will make Anant against her. Rehaan assures her that he will reveal Ahana’s truth to Anant and trap her. Rehaan meets Anant to reveal the truth. Rehaan plays the recording and asks Anant to hear the truth once. Anant gets to know about Laila and Ahana’s hatred. Anant gets confused hearing Shelly’s statement against Ahana. Rehaan tells Anant that Laila wanted to marry him, but Ahana married him to fail Laila’s plans. He tells Anant that Ahana has cheated everyone. Anant gets hurt knowing Ahana’s truth. He falls in a dilemma. Rehaan apologizes for breaking his truth.


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