Naamkarann: Avni-Neil’s love story gets a Tadka twist


Avni’s escape plans fails, but Neil learns it. Avni doesn’t know Neil knows her plans. Neil acts ignorant in front of her. He thinks to tell her that he is planning to free her from the prison by exposing Vidyut. He doesn’t want Avni to break the prison, as the law will charge her again. He wants to stop Avni with an assurance that he will make everything fine. He thinks if Avni runs from the jail, Vidyut will get another chance to raise a finger at her. When the two come face to face, Neil dreams of a sweet and emotional moment, where he promises to free her soon.

Avni gets angry when Neil comes in jail. Avni and other inmates play games and celebrate Christmas. Neil was imagining to unite with Avni. Its tough for Avni to see Neil. She hates the sight when he stays around. Neil makes the prisoners do some activities and yoga. Neil makes plans to cheer up Avni. Monica becomes Avni’s partner in the game. Monica tries to make Avni lose. Avni teaches her a lesson and makes her run. She makes Monica fall down. Monica bites the dust. Avni takes the opportunity to take food for Neil. She vents out her anger on him, by serving him spicy food. Neil couldn’t eat the food. He understands Avni has added the extra chillies. Monica gives him water. Neil makes an excuse that commissioner is calling him. Neil runs away. Avni smiles understanding he couldn’t tolerate the chilli twist.


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