Sanjay welcomes Aarti home in Meri Durga


Sanjay refuses to give divorce to Durga, till she accepts her mistake and declares his parents’ innocence. She refuses to accept his request. She asks him to not expect anything such from her, as she will never accept any fault when she is innocent. Sanjay tells her that he will get Aarti home. He wants to torture Durga more. Durga gets adamant that she will not give up. She gets ready to pass the love test. Yashpal and Annapurna get bothered when a stranger comes home and gets blackmailing them. Yashpal assures her that he will do something and manage the truth from getting revealed.

Durga tells Sanjay that whatever she said to the world is true. Sanjay refuses to give her divorce. Durga learns about her parents’ worry. She thinks of meeting them. Yashpal and Annapurna try to find some way to pay to the stranger and hide their secret.

Durga calls Yashpal to ask his welfare. He tells her that there are no issues in the family. He hides the tension from Durga. He wants to know if Durga is fine, or if Sanjay is creating a nuisance again. Durga hides her sorrow from Yashpal. Sanjay tests Durga’s patience by getting Aarti home. Meanwhile, Annapurna gives away all her jewelry so that they can protect their precious thing from the blackmailer. They hide a secret related to Durga. Aarti gets welcomed in Sanjay’s house, while Durga rebels against Sanjay’s move. Gayatri and Sanjay attack on Durga’s weakness, that’s her love and trust for Sanjay. Durga gets determined to save her marriage.


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