Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to turn into a doting father again

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge twists with a new Raman

Simmi feels she can never forgive Ishita, who has snatched Ananya from her. Pihu and Ishita miss each other. Ishita gets worried for Pihu. She feels restless, when Pihu also gets eager to see her once. Ishita fails to know anything from Aaliya and Ruhi. She tells her family that she will try to find out about Pihu and return soon. Raman gets worried for Pihu as well. He comforts Pihu when she gets scared. Raman tells her that nothing will happen to her as he is with her. He bonds with her like before. He puts her to sleep. Ishita meets the inspector to find some way to meet Pihu.

Raman spends some good time with his daughter. He gets glad by their bonding. Aaliya informs Ishita that Pihu is fine, Raman is with her. Ishita gets happy knowing Raman is turning into a caring dad again. Aaliya gets sick. Ishita takes care of him. She asks him to get treated.

She tells him that he can’t risk his life doing such careless things. He asks her to look after Pihu. He assures her that he will be fine. Ashok learns his illness news has got leaked. He wonders who is behind the shocking move. He doesn’t know Parmeet has done this. Pihu wants to tell Raman about Simmi’s bad behavior. Raman asks her to share things. Simmi scares Pihu a lot and makes her numb with fear. She threatens Pihu that she will kill Raman and Ishita if she tries to act smart. Ishita tries to meet Pihu. Raman thanks Ishita for saving Pihu again.


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